You would never believe what we have to deliver at my job

At the parcel delivery service where I work, we have to deliver all kinds of crazy things sometimes. You would never believe some of the things that I have had to deliver over the past several years at my job. This past Christmas and holiday season, I had to deliver a huge grill, a live donkey, a chicken coop, and a huge furnace unit. Those are just some of the crazy things that have been loaded onto my truck. I couldn’t believe that I actually had a chicken coop and a live donkey, but the hardest thing to deliver was actually the huge furnace unit. I could not possibly get it up into my truck on my own and I had to enlist some help from other drivers at the delivery hub in order to get the giant furnace up into the truck. I was worried about it all the way to the house that I was supposed to be delivering it to. I was really hoping that someone was going to be home to help me get the furnace out of the truck, but once I got there and pulled into the driveway, I noticed that there did not seem to be anyone home. I wasn’t really sure how I was ever going to get this huge furnace to the house at first, but then this guy who was over at the neighbor’s house saw me struggling with it. This guy was huge and he looked like a professional wrestler or something. He came right over and helped me move the furnace unit right up to the garage doors.
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