Will take a heat pump over a gas furnace

As far as heating capacity, the gas furnace is probably much stronger and more powerful than an HVAC heat pump.

I don’t have the actual heating data to back that up.

But the gas furnace is used in regions where the winter is brutal. The heat pump is used where the winters are far less severe. Although, I will trade a gas furnace for a heat pump just about any day. That’s mainly due to the fact that I am done with those ugly winters that require a gas furnace heating my house. Without all those years of gas furnace heating, I would have been a miserable and frozen guy. Now, winter is a whole other animal. In fact, I even look forward to winter which is a real change of pace for me. That’s because I basically dreaded winter with every fiber of my body toward the end there. Too many years of all that snow, ice and gas furnace costs finally took its toll. I still have the heating maintenance done in the fall by the HVAC technician. It’s just that the heating maintenance is on the same piece of equipment as the air conditioning. And the winter here does produce some cold snaps. There are times where we have to bring in the plants and flip the thermostat over to heating. But the heat pump never lets us down. Honestly, it doesn’t even have to cycle on all that much to knock the chill right out of the house during the cold snaps of winter. So yeah, I will trade you a gas furnace for a heat pump as long as I’m still breathing air.

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