When we bake cookies, I run the portable AC too

When my wife and I decided to retire and sell our house, people thought we were crazy.

They didn’t understand why we wanted give up our four bedroom home to live in a box. We decided to buy an RV so we could travel across the country and live life more simply. I thought it was going to be difficult to move into a much smaller place, but I absolutely love having the freedom to move anywhere we want at the drop of a dime. Our RV is 35 ft long and approximately 16 ft across when both of the slides are open. It is very spacious indoors. We have an AC unit in the kitchen area as well as an AC unit upstairs in the bedroom. When it is very warm outside, I have to run a portable AC unit as well. I also run the portable AC unit whenever we bake cookies. We usually make a couple of matches at a time and put them in the freezer. On days when the temperatures are very hot and humid, my wife and I turn on the AC early, before we even turn on the oven. It really helps a great deal when cooling the house. It doesn’t cost a fortune for us either, because my wife and I live in an RV Community. Our electricity is included in our monthly rental rates. We can run every AC unit in the house on full blast and it doesn’t cost any extra money. That is certainly one of the best parts of living this mobile lifestyle.


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