We weren’t going to leave the repair so the guy could get high

Jack was my best friend at work and a great guy to team up with for a full system installation job. A full system installation job for the heating and cooling system takes most of the day. I relied on Jack to help me get the job done. We could work faster than most teams in the business. When Jack moved away, I was disappointed for many reasons. I wasn’t particularly happy to see my work buddy leave, and I was sad to lose a good friend as well. Jack and I spent some time together fishing on the lake. I couldn’t be upset with the guy, because he was moving to be with his girlfriend. They tried having a long-distance relationship and it didn’t work out, so Jack decided he would be the person to move and give up his job. The boss hired a different guy to take Jack’s place. I didn’t know much about the new guy until we had a chance to work together last Thursday. We had a commercial AC repair and the guy wanted to leave in the middle of the job so he could get high. I thought the guy was talking about cigarettes when he told me that he needed to smoke. I later found out that he was talking about marijuana. I mentioned marijuana to my boss as soon as we came back to the office. He took the HVAC technician into his office and I never saw the guy again. I assume he fired the guy, but he could be in a dumpster out back.

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