Very thankful to have my heat pump

Summer is here and it’s time to deal with heat and humidity again.

But I’m not the kind to simply hunker down in the air conditioning all summer either.

I’ve lived here all of my life except for 3 years when I had to work up north as part of my career path. That was a long 3 years punctuated by 3 of the most intensely cold winters I have ever experienced. It didn’t seem like the gas furnace could get hot enough. I was cold the entire time. It was the worst. So when I got back south to my home area, I was so thankful to be back in the land of the heat pump. That heat pump is such an amazing, versatile piece of HVAC technology. I love the fact that I live somewhere that the winter is so mild, the heater hardly has to come on at all. But the heat pump comes to play when the heat gets up later in the year. I know enough to get outside early or late in the evening to avoid the big heat. During the peak heating hours, I’m on the inside and under the air conditioning. HVAC cooling is essential to living in this climate. And it’s not just for the cooling. The heat pump is also responsible for balancing the humidity level in my house as well. The heat pump is really something. It heats, it cools and it even balances the humidity inside my house. I’m quite thankful to live in an age where the HVAC technology can do all of that with one machine.
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