This sunroom needed some HVAC

I’m sure that many, many of us make long term plans that end up getting radically changed as time goes by.

That certainly has happened with our retirement plans.

For decades, my husband and I had planned to retire to the land of the sun and enjoy all that air conditioning down there. We had worked and saved for that scenario for a very long time. My husband was less than 2 years from retirement when he died suddenly. Once I was able to come to grips with that reality, the thought of retiring down in the land of the HVAC heat pump just didn’t feel right. There was just no way that I could follow through on our plans. Not only would it be a big financial hardship but it would break my heart as well. My son and daughter were in the region so I decided to just stay put. I upgraded the HVAC equipment and put the family home on the market. That money helped me buy a nice little 2 bedroom place for me and the dog. But with a bit of that money, I did something that my husband wanted so much in our retirement dream. I put on a sunroom. It’s great and just what he would have wanted. Only I had to have the HVAC company come out and install a ductless heat pump out there. The winters here are just too cold to sit out there without some form of heating. But the ductless heat pump also comes in handy in the summer for some air conditioned sunroom pleasure.


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