The tshirts show off my fat gut and I hate it

I was pretty excited when I found out that the boss was going to order new uniforms for every one of the staff members.

I haven’t had new uniforms since I started working at the boiler repair shop last May.

Most of my shirts have stains and holes and they definitely don’t look professional in front of commercial customers. The boss asked everyone for our T-shirt size. I’ve gained a little bit of weight since I started the job. I previously had a large sized shirt, but I knew that an extra large shirt would fit much better. I told the boss that I wanted an extra large and I thought that’s what he would order. Unfortunately, the guy decided to buy me a large one for some reason. When the T-shirts came, I was pretty upset by the shirt that I received. It was much smaller than the shirt that I was already wearing. It shows off every single part of my physique, including my fat gut. I absolutely hate the new shirts and my boss insists that I wear them to every single commercial boiler repair. Every time I reach above my head, I feel insecure. I look horrible and that makes it even more difficult to recruit new clients. I’m tempted to contact a t-shirt manufacturer to see if they can duplicate the shirts. My boss doesn’t seem the least bit interested in finding me a shirt that will fit, but I really can’t continue to work with a sloppy, tight uniform that does not fit me properly.



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