The pizza oven creates intense heat indoors

My husband bought me an outdoor pizza oven for Christmas.

I saw the gadget online and I had to have it for the new year.

I was really excited to use it for the first time, but I planned to wait until the weekend when I had a day off work. My kids did not want to wait that long to see if the machine made a delicious pizza. While I was at work on Wednesday, they decided to take the pizza oven out of the box. They set it up in the kitchen on the counter by the table. The kids put a frozen pizza into the outdoor oven. The house began to fill with smoke and intense Heat. The kids opened up the sliding glass doors to the backyard and they turned the AC way down. They tried to get the smoke out of the house, but they ended up freezing up the AC unit. Since the kids turned the temperature down to 60°, the AC evaporator coil froze up and it would not work at all. My husband came home from work an hour before me. He walked into the AC problems and the house filled with smoke. He had most of the mess cleaned up when I got home. The kids were in their bedrooms pouting about being grounded for the next century. I’ll never know how bad things really were. The kids are extremely lucky that my husband came home first. They could have burnt our house to the ground trying to make pizza indoors.

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