The lady was frantic when her AC broke down

When you live in a region with absolutely warm summer temperatures and humidity, it is important to have a working AC unit.

Many people in this area have multiple cooling units in their homes.

It doesn’t hurt to supplement the central AC with a portable or window unit. Last month a customer called the AC repair service and she was absolutely frantic. Her AC unit broke down and there was no cold air in the house. The lady was worried about her 12 cats. I had an afternoon appointment, and I told the woman that I would be able to help with the AC repair. She didn’t want to wait, but she agreed to the 1 appointment. I arrived a few minutes before 1pm, after taking a shorter than usual lunch break. I knocked on the door and then I rang the doorbell. The doorbell was the sound of a cat meowing. The lady answered the door and she had two cats in her arms. She showed me to the area where the central AC unit was located. I told the woman that I was going to evaluate the system and find out what was wrong. She seemed much more calm then she was earlier on the phone. I checked all of the internal and external systems and realized that the air conditioner didn’t have enough refrigerant. I checked all of the levels and added that necessary cooling liquid to help that machine. Before I left the house, the indoor air temperatures were already down by four degrees and the air coming out of the vent was ice cold.



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