The HVAC technician kept answering the phone instead of working

My wife and I have two small children in the house.

During the cold, winter months our furnace has to work in tip top shape.

Before the winter season begins, we have an authorized HVAC technician come to the house to perform a maintenance inspection on the furnace and ventilation Network. My wife and I have been using the same HVAC company for the past four years. The company is the same one that installed the furnace and central air conditioning system. Last time we had an inspection on the furnace, a new maintenance technician showed up. I did not recognize the face, so I assumed it was someone new to the company. I watched the guy work on the furnace. The job should have taken about 45 minutes or an hour, but the HVAC technician was in my home for 2 hours because he kept answering the phone instead of working. I’m almost certain that the guy was arguing with his girlfriend. I heard a loud woman on the phone and the guy looked visibly upset. They were yelling back and forth when I wasn’t in the room. I didn’t call the manager to complain, but I told the technician that it took a lot longer than normal. I didn’t mention the phone calls, but he knew exactly what I meant. I hope the guy went home and worked out his personal problems, because he will lose his job if he continues to let that affect his work. The repair guy should put his phone on silent and ignore the calls.


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