The furnace was torn up when I was at the doctor the other day

Whenever I had to go to the doctor the other day to get some tests run, the furnace system was torn up.

It was freezing cold in the doctor’s office and in the waiting room, too.

The temperature was really cold outside that day and if I remember correctly, the snow was starting to come down more and more the whole time that I was there. The weather had been cooling down a whole lot and I was getting sick. I thought that I was probably coming down with the flu or with some kind of a sinus infection and that’s why I was at the doctor in the first place. I was expecting to go there to feel better, but I ended up feeling even worse because it was so cold in the waiting room. The nurse who did my intake assessment told me that they had been having lots of problems with the heating and cooling system in the office building. Apparently, they had already called up the commercial HVAC company who services the building but they had not arrived yet to get any work done. I had to leave my big puffy winter coat on the whole time that I was waiting there. I couldn’t wait to get back to the exam room because I thought that the heating system would be working back there. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t working anywhere in the entire building and I left the doctor’s office feeling worse than I did when I went in there! I hope they get it fixed soon.