The furnace looked like someone had beaten it with a hammer.

I was to do a service call on a furnace.

Service calls weren’t anything new to me, and I thought I would go in, check the air filter, clean a bit, and make some small repairs.

When I got to the house, the woman who answered the door showed me to the furnace. I took one look at the furnace, and I couldn’t help but stare. The furnace looked like someone had beaten it with a hammer. I couldn’t believe what I was looking. The husband came down shortly after I got to the furnace, and asked if everything was okay? I tried to play it off like the hammer impressions didn’t bother me, but I wasn’t very good at lying. I asked him what happened? He told me he was trying to repair the furnace and it had him angry. He slammed the hammer into it several times, because of his anger. I was looking at some of the places where his ‘several’ times occurred. I told him I couldn’t get the air filter out of its chamber because of the damage he had done. He told me it was nonsense and began to open the door to the air filter. When he couldn’t get it to budge, I just looked at him. We had to use a crowbar to change the air filter, and I had to have another HVAC technician make the repair so he could change the air filter next month. I knew he felt foolish for trying to repair the furnace on his own, but his made sure he felt foolish just in case he didn’t.

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