The furnace had a weird and strange smell

When my wife and I were looking at houses to buy, we looked at a couple of places by the lake.

I thought a house by the lake sounded like a wonderful place to live. One house in particular had a large plot of land as well as a three-bedroom house. My wife and I were particularly interested in this place. It was priced to sell and only 22 minutes away from my work. The day that we looked at the house, the outdoor temperatures were quite chilly and cold. The homeowner was running the furnace and my wife and I noticed a weird and strange smell coming from the heating equipment. We asked for more information about the age of the Heating & Cooling equipment. The owner of the house could not recall the last time the machinery had been updated. He didn’t have any paperwork for the furnace or the AC. That was bad news for both of us and something we did not want to hear. There was no need to ask for more information or have an inspection. My wife and I weren’t interested in purchasing a house that needed updates to the heating and cooling equipment. Since the furnace had a strange smell, that was clearly a sign there was a problem. The house seemed perfect, but we continued our search until we found exactly what we wanted. Eventually we found a three bedroom place with a newly remodeled master bathroom and updated flooring. It took a few months, but it was worth waiting awhile for the right place.

a/c representative