The delivery guy brought my new heating unit to the house

The delivery guy brought my new heating unit right to my house at the beginning of the fall in record time.

I could not believe how quickly the heating unit got delivered.

When I first ordered it, I thought that it was going to be at least three months before it showed up at our house. The delivery time that showed up on the website said that it would be that long before they could actually get the heating system to us. At that point, I thought that the heating unit would be getting delivered right around the same time that the temperature outside was going to be cooling off. That’s why I ordered it so early. I was expecting to have quite a long wait and I even planned on using a couple of electric space heaters in the house until we got the heating system installed. However, early one morning, the delivery service pulled up in the driveway and the guy came up to the door with an absolutely giant box. He had a really hard time delivering the heating unit up to the door and I probably should have gone outside to help him with it. I was just shocked that they got it to the house so quickly. It actually had to sit in the garage at my house for a couple of weeks before I was able to get the HVAC company to come and install it for us. They had a lot of people in line before us for heating installations so we had to wait our turn.

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