The country dance

In our neighborhood every single summer time all of us have a country music themed dance.

It is a real fun time for all with line dancing plus most people dressing up in their most country looking outfits.

It’s absolutely awesome. This last summer time when all of us had the country music themed dance there was an unfortunate event that caused the dance to be chop short. It was over one hundred degrees outside on the day the dance was scheduled, plus about 2 hours into the dance, the central heating plus A/C method broke down. The A/C was unquestionably much needed this day because of how sizzling it was. So when the central heating plus A/C method broke down plus there was no central A/C in the building where the dance was happening, they had to close down plus send most people home; Getting a heating plus A/C specialist out to repair the central heating plus A/C method was not going to happen that day because first, you were dealing with a commercial heating plus cooling system, plus hour off it was a weekend, no heating plus cooling workmen were available on the weekend other than residential emergency Heating plus Air Conditioning service. So our fun little seasonal country dance only lasted a few hours this year, then what a bummer that was. Both of us hope that next year it does not happen love this. Both of us all believe as if all of us missed something not having a real country music dance this past summer! It was unquestionably distraught indeed.