The condo was supposed to have central AC

The man asked if I was unhappy with the accommodations and I said no

My wife and I decided to take our kids on a summer vacation. We wanted to surprise the kids, so we did not ask them where they wanted to go. Usually when we take a summer vacation, we get some input from the children. My wife and I knew that we wanted to go to the beach. We also thought about some of the local places that we have never been to. We decided to go to a beach that is about 2 or 3 hours from our home. I knew the beach would be an exciting adventure, especially after I saw pictures of the condo where we were going to stay. The condo on the beach was walking distance from the ocean and we had private access. The view from the balcony was better than any pictures they could have shown me online. There was only one simple problem with the condo. The beach condo was supposed to have central ac. It had a ductless AC instead. The ductless AC unit worked well, but I was expecting central ac. The advertisement was inaccurate. I contacted the owner of the rental and I told the man that I was very displeased with the fact that the advertisement was wrong. The man asked if I was unhappy with the accommodations and I said no. I was happy with the cabin, but I was expecting one thing and I got another. The man refunded part of the fees that we paid for the cabin since the ad had not been updated online to include the addition of the new ductless ac.


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