The commercial air conditioning system took all the heat literary

When I narrate stories about my life to people and they die of laughter. I see a lot of funny stuff during my job and each day is an adventure and I never get bored. I took a call today to fix a system at a certain office building and when we got there, we were almost laughing at the situation. The staff at the office building were freezing dead in the middle of summer. The commercial air conditioning system was not responding to the wireless thermostat. The system was thoroughly cooling the entire office, the temperatures were too low to help with indoor comfort. This was a laughable situation. Anyway, we got to work doing the quality AC service on the cooling equipment. Part of this HVAC service included cleaning the dirty HEPA filter as well as the air ducts. This was so that there would be a free flow of air throughout the building. The system was a zoned HVAC and some of the regions were receiving adequate temperatures. We figured the issue would be with the level of refrigerant in the central air conditioning. Instead of getting a new HVAC system, some of the cooling workmen ordered the new refrigerant, and the other half of the cooling specialist cleaned and greased the components of the unit. The staff at the building did welcome the adequate temperatures and were not freezing any longer. The low level of refrigerant was due to a leak on the pipes, we traced the leak and repaired it. Now the office managers did not have to deal with low refrigerants and extra-low temperatures any longer. The work took approximately three hours and we created an environment where the employees worked at 10 percent.



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