The central air conditioning system that almost poisoned me

Last spring I had an accident with my heating and a/c system.

I was slowly being poisoned and I found out when I was already sick.

The drainage pipes had clogged and so this blockage was causing the moisture or water that accumulates on the air duct to go back to the vents and cause pools of water on the floor and growth of mildew and molds. Since the central air conditioning was placed in the attic, the molds and mildew were growing and slowly poisoning me. When the air was flowing through the vents on the cooling equipment, it would circulate all the mold and mildew that I would breathe. I first suspected an issue when I noticed the cooling system blowing hot air because the vents and HEPA filter were clogged. I noticed that the zoned HVAC was making weird noises and it did not help with indoor comfort. I contacted the cooling specialist who eyeballed the unit and declared that it was beyond help and I would have to buy a new HVAC system. I had to consult another cooling workman who confirmed that the unit needed HVAC service and that is when they discovered the blockage. Now the repair makes it feel like a new commercial air conditioning system even though it is a small residential unit. Fortunately, I recovered from the poisoning and no serious damage was done to my organs. I made sure to repair the issue and hired legitimate technicians to take care of my unit. There I learned to take seriously the regular tune-up of any system as it reveals small issues before they grow into more serious and costly problems


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