The booster club is collecting money on Friday for new uniforms

Last Friday Night, the temperature was only 20 degrees and it was lightly snowing.

There is absolutely no way I would ever leave that house unless it was an emergency or an event having to do with my child.

That was the case on Friday. I didn’t want to leave the house. It was warm and comfortable with the heater running and the temperature on the thermostat set at 73 degrees. I had to go to the game, because the booster club was collecting money for new uniforms. I had to be there to help with the collection. I already promised the booster club president that I would help out during halftime. Of course, that was before I knew it was going to be frigid and cold. During the game, we sat inside of the booster club tent. There was a small space heater plugged into the corner, but the heater really wasn’t helping much at all. The tent wasn’t enclosed and a lot of the air went right outside and away from us. I had a seat on the other side of the room, so I couldn’t feel the space heater at all. At halftime, each one of us had to go into the crowd with a football helmet to get donations from the parents and yes that were watching the game. I thought my fingers were going to get frostbite while I was out there. There is no limit to the things that I would do for my children, but this was definitely one of those days when I would have preferred to stay home instead of being an enthusiastic mom.


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