The airport made accommodations for everyone

I got stuck at an airport overnight after my flight home was canceled.

I was in town for a business seminar all week.

The weather was starting to get bad on Friday. My flight was scheduled to leave on Saturday. I got to the airport on Saturday morning and my flight was already delayed. I was hoping that the flight would take off after the sun came up and melted some of the ice. Unfortunately, the Sun never seemed to come out and the temperatures never got warmer. The sun didn’t come off and the ice and snow never melted. My flight was delayed again at lunch. I was supposed to leave at 8 p.m., but the flight was again delayed. The airline felt bad about all of the delays, so they made concessions and accommodations for everyone at the airport. They tried to put up as many families as possible in a hotel and they passed out blankets and coffee and hot chocolate to everyone that was stuck inside of that airport. I found a warm spot to sleep by a wall heater. I put my bag in the chair so it was like a pillow and the warm air from the heater was blowing down on top of my head. The wall heaters were only located every twenty feet, so I got lucky to find a spot under one of them. I managed to sleep for 3 or 4 hours before I woke up to the sound of a baby crying. There was a woman sitting on the floor with a baby and the woman looked miserable. I offered to give up my seat so she could sit in a chair and she looked like I offered her a million dollars.



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