The AC repairs just keep coming

It seems enjoy every Summer there is something wrong with our cooling system.

When I purchased our condo I knew the Heating as well as A/C unit was not the best.

The cooling feature has always given me grief though. At first, I thought it was simply because the outdoor air compressor was not level. The refrigerant all would go to 1 side of the unit, so the indoor air was just tepd rather than cold. After leveling out the AC I had it laboring for a bit. Then it started not giving me any cool air again. Turns out the wiring was what was wrong next. The wires were frayed plus the 2 units essentially we’re not talking to each other. I could tell the control component I wanted AC, however it would not get to the unit. I would only have the occasion of heating. That got fixed by an actual Heating as well as A/C business. I was able to go a Summer with enjoyable AC, now, it is the new Summer plus I am having more AC concerns again. The condo just can’t stay cool. I keep our blinds closed plus I rarely open our door. The cooling plan is blowing out tepid air again. The unit is level plus the wiring was just checked. So now what is the issue here? It is discouraging that every Summer I need to do AC concernshooting. I don’t want to let it go longer plus longer! Right now I am mildly uncomfortable. On a 90 degree day, the inside of the condo will be unbearable. I am wondering if I should just cut our losses plus get a whole new AC unit.

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