Thankful for the great HVAC and support of my parent’s home

Once all of us kids were out of the house, my parents didn’t waste much time getting on with the next chapter of their life.

They were quick to upgrade the HVAC equipment in the family home and get it on the market. But who could blame them? Those two raised four kids and made us all the center and focus of their lives. So of course, they should be enjoying this part of life. I was second youngest. My two older siblings and my younger sibling are all out of on their own and doing great. I was too until the pandemic hit. The company I had interned with for two years prior to graduating made me an offer once I got my degree. It was so thrilling to work inside the zone controlled HVAC of that office. I was following my passion and got a job with the company that I so wanted to work for. But when the virus hit, they sent everyone home from the zone controlled HVAC to work from our own air conditioning. That lasted not even a month for me before I was laid off. I hung on through that summer hoping that I’d be called back. There were some online gigs that were sort of keeping me afloat but I was eating up my savings as well. Finally, I had to let the apartment go and take my parents up on their kind offer to stay with them til I got back on my feet. I have to say the quality heating and air in their new place sure was an upgrade to my apartment and the so so heating and cooling. But it was the kindness and support that really helped me get through what has been a trying but character building time for me.

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