Staying at the campground generates mad sales for my company

One of the reasons why I chose a technical career is to own a business. I never wanted to spend my entire life working for someone else. I went to a technical school to learn HVAC installation and repairs. I worked for a Nationwide commercial company for 5 years and then I decided to branch out on my own. In the beginning, it was really difficult to advertise the HVAC business. I spent two years working on the weekends, while I still continue to work for the other HVAC company Monday through Friday. A couple of years ago, I had to call the pest control company and my home needed to be fumigated. I decided to stay at a local campground for the 3 days that I needed to be away from the house. I had my HVAC repair truck parked outside of the camper all day and all night. I received 10 or 15 calls from campers during the 3 days that I was staying there. Staying at a campground generated mad sales for my company. I had appointments for weeks after I left the place. Before I went back to my house, I left several business cards all over the campground. I put a couple in the bathroom and a few in the recreation room. I also left one of my business cards in the laundry room. I’m happy to help customers with HVAC problems in their RV or campers. They are relatively the same as home systems with only a few minor changes. It’s a great way to earn money and a service that others don’t offer.

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