Sort of forgot about the HVAC ductwork

I was just so excited to be getting new HVAC equipment.

  • The heating and cooling equipment that came with the house was adequate but it wasn’t really what I wanted.

So it took a lot of years before I was able to get the HVAC technology that I really wanted. And on top of that, I had scored the HVAC equipment on my own and at a considerable discount. The HVAC company had me in to go over the different models of HVAC equipment for replacement consideration. That’s when I took copious notes in an effort to fully understand just what these HVAC models were and their specifications. From there, I scoured the internet for months looking for clearance deals on residential HVAC. Then I hit the jackpot and got my complete HVAC unit for nearly 40 percent off. It got shipped to my house and all that was left was making an appointment for the air conditioning install. The HVAC contractor came out a few days prior to the installation date to inspect and prepare. That’s when I found out that I’m not quite as smart as I think I am when it comes to HVAC. Turns out the ductwork in my house was not compatible with the HVAC equipment I purchased. While the specifications were similar to those at the HVAC company I saw, they weren’t the same. And the new HVAC unit would not work with the size of my ductwork. Talk about a fly in the proverbial ointment. Needless to say, I didn’t get the HVAC equipment installed days later. And I’m still trying to figure out just what to do.


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