Someone at work brought my favorite pizza and left it in the fridge

There is an Italian pizza place in town that absolutely has the best stromboli in town.

They cut the pepperoni and salami fresh and they import mozzarella directly from Italy.

The pizzeria makes their own sauce daily. There are huge chunks of green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes in the sauce. It’s quite a drive from my apartment, so I only get pizza from the place when I am close to the establishment. One of my co-workers must have been downtown yesterday, because there was an entire pizza in the fridge at work this morning. The pizza was only missing one slice. It had pepperoni, chunks of tomato, and pieces of ham. I didn’t leave the workshop until 10 a.m. and everyone else left around 9. I was waiting for a residential customer to get home from work so I could repair the air conditioner. The lady worked nights, so I hung out at the HVAC repair shop until it was time to repair the air conditioner. The pizza in the fridge was too tempting. I must have opened the door seven or eight different times. I finally grabbed a piece of pizza from the box. I didn’t even microwave it or put it in the oven. I ate the pizza cold. It was absolutely delicious, so I helped myself to a second slice. When I returned back to the HVAC repair shop later that afternoon, all of my co-workers were having a discussion about the pizza. I could have walked out of the shop without saying a word, but I owned up to the two missing slices of pie.

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