So long to the old HVAC unit

Man, that old heat pump has been a warrior.

  • When we bought the house, that was the first thing that we had to do.

The seller wasn’t about to do anything about the decrepit heating and cooling equipment in the house. Actually, that guy wasn’t willing to do anything when it came to improvements that were certainly normal for a home sale. But that ended up working to our advantage. Since he was just so bent on doing nothing, we took our offer off the table until he was willing to negotiate the price down to include all the stuff that had to be done. That seemed to shake him loose a bit and we were the beneficiary of this guy’s unwillingness to do anything. So the first improvement we made was the residential HVAC. The HVAC company was great and that’s why they are still our HVAC company some 24 years later. The old HVAC unit is now at the end of the line. The utility costs have begun to spike which is a clear indicator that the heating and cooling equipment just can’t keep up. That means a farewell to an HVAC unit that has served us so well. That thing has never had one minute of downtime due to a repair. Of course from the very beginning, we made sure that the HVAC unit was getting heating maintenance in the fall and an air conditioning tune up in the spring. Talk about a value when it comes to HVAC maintenance! The new residential HVAC that’s coming is great and has all the new HVAC technology. But I still have to salute the old HVAC because it sure did the job.

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