Should have left it to the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals

I can be so stupid sometimes.

And it seems like I choose the most inconvenient plus expensive ways to display that stupidity.

But my latest faceplant is one for the books. It’s particularly galling when I do dumb things that were just completely avoidable. That’s exactly what happened when it came to the air conditioner in my home. My wife called to tell me that the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling just wasn’t working right. This iPhone call sort of confirmed what was going on in my head for the previous couple of days. I’d noticed that the heating plus cooling unit was running an awfully lot over the course of numerous days, then the temperature, while still tepid plus humid, hadn’t legitimately changed to force the sort of demand for Heating and Air Conditioning cooling that would keep the Heating and Air Conditioning unit running almost non stop. So my wife says she’s going to call the Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. But I ask her to wait as I’ve sort of been looking into all of this the last few days plus I recognize I have the solution. She’s not all that onboard but agrees to wait to call the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals. On the way home, I picked up a Heating and Air Conditioning recharge kit plus figured I’d do the job myself plus save an Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance charge. Of course, I didn’t have the correct tools or gauges plus promptly proceeded to overfill the refrigerant which caused something to rupture. So an entirely small problem turned into a wonderful immense problem thanks to me being an idiot.


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