Should have hired the professional

I made the huge mistake of hiring a handyman over a real HVAC contractor. I had a real HVAC company come in and assess the job of adding a ductless heat pump to my kitchen. I explained that I wanted it on a side wall, hidden out of the way. I wanted the outdoor unit not visible from the road. The HVAC contractor said he could do it and then gave me a quote. I just about died over the cost. I then chose a handyman and told him the same criteria. When he gave me a quote for half the cost, I was excited and sold on him. Half the cost but twice as bad of a worker is what I am thinking. The guy never wanted to do the HVAC installation work when I was around. He finally managed to time it as I was leaving for work. I had no choice but to leave the money on the table since he was going to finish. When I arrived home I just about screamed. He put the heat pump right above my kitchen windows. It looks so bad there! That means he drilled into the side of my house you can see from the road. The outdoor unit is clearly just sitting in my lawn too. To make matters worse, the heat pump doesn’t work. It can turn on, but nothing happens. I think he forgot to put refrigerant in the system. So right now I have a heat pump that won’t work in the wrong spot. The guy won’t answer his phone and correct the mistake either. I think I am just stuck with it.

Air conditioning worker