Should have gotten the air conditioning tune up

I fired up the air conditioning and it seemed to be fine

We have some rather weird weather around this area and it can be especially strange during the spring and fall. It’s almost as though we just don’t have much in the way of a fall or a spring. The winter and the summer seem to usurp what should be a great period of weather during those two seasons. The winter here is brutal. The gas furnace is on before Halloween and there is HVAC heating pretty much non stop into April. But that’s where it gets tricky. The spring weather can go from snow to sun in the matter of just a few days. And this is something that always sort of trips me up. Every single fall, I call the HVAC company. I call to make an appointment for HVAC heating maintenance. There is no way I’m going into the winter without having the gas furnace looked at. Not only does it get inspected top to bottom but it gets tuned up with new parts as needed as well. That means we go into the winter with the best efficiency and peace of mind that the gas furnace will be good to go throughout the winter. But when it comes to the air conditioning tune up, I sometimes forget. And this spring was one of the times I forgot. A heat wave hit in mid April sort of out of nowhere. I fired up the air conditioning and it seemed to be fine. But within days, it was running all the time and sounding sort of weird as well. The HVAC professionals came out and fixed it. But the repair would have been unnecessary had I simply gotten the air conditioning tune up.


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