She was expecting a buddy to come over

Ann has always bought her honey from the shops. She believed the honey tasted pretty good, and it wasn’t expensive. Ann was expecting a buddy to come over, and so she cooked some honey baked ham using some of the store purchased honey. Her ham was good, prompting her buddy to ask where Ann purchased the honey. When Ann told him that the honey was from the local store, he was taken aback. Ann’s buddy said if she wanted the superb stuff, she should go to a honey farm. The honey farms collect from their honey hives and sell it in jars. Ann didn’t even know local honey farms, but a coworker told her of one in the area. Ann was unsure about this place but when she was doing errands, she passed right by the farm. Ann chose to go in on her way back home. She was shocked at how much variety they had. Ann was unaware there were so many odd varieties of honey. She wasn’t sure which was the best, but the beekeeping guy let her try the flavors. This honey cost more, but Ann opted to get several jars. Now she uses that honey on almost everything she eats. Honey cereal, honey toast and her absolute best honey baked ham. She loves it. And her buddy was right, the store purchased stuff is nowhere near the amazing taste of honey from honey farms.


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