Saving on HVAC cooling really adds up

It took me a long time before I really figured out a better way to spend and be financially responsible.

In fact, it took me taking a class to learn that spending and saving are easier to do than I thought.

Once I started my career, I was pretty much living paycheck to paycheck. I’d come home from work and crank the HVAC to whatever heating and cooling level I wanted at the time. There was never even a consideration of keeping a more constant HVAC setting. I would simply walk out of the house on near hundred degree days with the thermostat set at like 73. How’s that for totally over cooling an empty house. And the money I just threw away was like just a cost of doing business. Same went with my car. It was far too expensive for someone just starting out. Thankfully, I finally did take that basic personal finance class. And I was stunned by the amount of money I threw away simply because I couldn’t be bothered. It also motivated me to take full accountability for my finances. That meant caring a bit and being proactive. The HVAC behavior was a great example. Now, I’m fully committed to saving on HVAC cooling. My little house is super tight. I have a smart thermostat that keeps the inside temperature within 15 degrees of the outside temperature. I even bought sun blocking drapes to stop the direct sun heating from raising the temperature in my home. And when you add up all the saving here and there, including the HVAC, I’m so much more financially sound than I’ve ever been.

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