Ryan had an HVAC professional come out to do thorough inspection

The couple put in a lot of work and it paid off

Mercy believed Ryan had lost his mind when he invested in a run-down farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere. The location was so far from civilization. In addition, there was this ancient heating system that had major complications with keeping the farmhouse warm. Still, the fireplace wasn’t too dilapidated, but the rest of the farmhouse was trashed. It took Ryan and Mercy days to scrub the farmhouse and get it tidy enough to inhabit. Ryan even had an HVAC professional come out to check the heating system to make sure it was salvageable. He also cleaned out the chimney for the fireplace so that they could use it safely. The HVAC professional did an inspection and stated that the heating system had some serious complications. He advised it would be best to have it replaced. Mercy asked which was the best system to use and the professional had several ideas. Instead of going for a similar heating system, the couple opted for a modern ductless mini split HVAC system. The HVAC professional stated how energy efficient this plan is. Plus, it would work perfectly with some solar panels hooked up. There was even the opportunity to hook up the solar panels to work flawlessly with the HVAC equipment. Therefore, Ryan and Mercy went for it. The couple put in a lot of work and it paid off. The farmhouse didn’t have the internet, but at least it had electricity from the solar panel set up. They got to listen to music and watch films when away from the busy city.

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