Running a bit hotter now that I have COVID

My husband attended a wedding up north and got COVID.

He didn’t realize it until he arrived home and had already kissed me hello.

Now the two of us are stuck in the house with COVID. We got the vaccine shot which apparently didn’t do anything. We are both sick. The two of us have headaches, sinus pressure, post nasal drip and dry coughs. I also noticed that we both ran a little hotter than usual. Typically we have the thermostat set to 74 degrees and are good to go. We both wear shorts and tanks with the AC going during the work day. We both work totally online so quality climate control is important. Now that we both have COVID, neither one of us wants AC. My husband has raised the thermostat temperature to 76 degrees. He is in his robe and I am in long pants. I don’t exactly feel warm either. That is a bit concerning. I hope my symptoms don’t get any worse. Right now I can work and go about my normal dya. I just feel sort of awful while I do it. However, I know I am saving money on my HVAC bills, I have an excuse to clean and maybe I will be less susceptible to COVID now that I already had it once. After all the big scares about getting the virus, I have to say it is pretty underwhelming. It feels like a normal cold. I looked up the timeline and I shouldn’t have it more than a week or two. So that isn’t too bad.


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