Relieved to discover high velocity heating and cooling

My house was built sometime during the mid to late 1800s.

It is around 2,500 square feet with high ceilings, big windows and no conventional ductwork installed.

I live in an area that requires both heating and cooling. We experience temperatures down to negative twenty-five and up to the triple digits. When my husband and I first moved in, we were delighted by the hardwood floors, intricate moldings and gorgeous staircase. After living in the house for a year, we were frustrated with shivering all winters and sweating all summer. The former owners somehow managed with a collection of window air conditioners, ceiling fans, box fans and electric baseboard heaters. The portable equipment was ugly and not effective. We needed something better but were unwilling to tear down walls and ceilings, sacrifice valuable space and destroy the architectural charm of our home to install ductwork. Some research led me to high-velocity heating and cooling systems. This type of system is intended to retrofit easily into older homes. The system consists of an outdoor heat pump or compressor and an indoor air handler small enough to install into a closet or the attic. The operation utilizes mini-ducts that are only two inches across and flexible enough to route through walls, under floors and around obstacles without any remodeling required. The vents are circular, five inches across and allow versatility of location. They blend right into the decor. The high-velocity system delivers heated or cooled air into the home at a four times higher rate of speed than a conventional system to raise or lower room temperature very quickly. The shorter run times help to keep costs low. Plus the ducts are insulated to reduce energy waste and sound levels. We are totally happy with our new system.

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