Real estate professional had it right on the HVAC upgrade

When we finally decided that the time was right to put the family home on the market, I was the lone dissenting voice.

All of the kids agreed with their mother that it was time to move on.

That just wasn’t so easy for me. I loved that house from the first time my wife and I went to look at it when we first moved here. That was the place with the quality heating and air where we raised our family. Now I was just supposed to sell it and move on? That just really didn’t feel right but I too knew that it was the only logical thing to do. So I agreed to have a realtor over to list the place. What I wasn’t prepared for were all the things the realtor pointed out that she felt needed to be addressed prior to listing the house. To her credit, she was super respectful about pointing out all the stuff that needed an upgrade. And I appreciated that as she treated that place with respect because it was our home for more than 2 decades. She was pretty clear that we needed to replace the HVAC equipment. That seemed sort of weird to me since I thought we could negotiate that into the price. But the realtor showed me some data from the area which seemed to prove that doing that would be a losing proposition. Without the latest in residential HVAC, folks looking to buy in this region will just move on. And that will leave the flippers and other sorts who aren’t looking to make the house a home.
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