Putting new posters up

I recently just bought a new house and as a newly divorced male I wanted to spruce up my apartment.

Overall I’m not happy about moving again but now I guess I can live a life that is my own until I figure it out. I know for sure I always loved posters, I am a movie buff! My separated wife didn’t like that I wanted movie posters up and all I wanted was my own spot. We didn’t have a spare room as we had kids nor a “mancave” or garage. Pretty much the house was decorated in her name and I had no say. So today I bought some new posters. I shouldn’t say new as they are all 80’s horror. So I’m trying to figure out the placement of the posters. I especially want to decorate the living room. I want people to see me and what I like. I bought some really cool vintage stuff and it’s very exciting. I remember when I was a child and I put a poster above the air conditioning vent. I learned that wasn’t a good idea as the poster lost its look a bit. I loved my bedroom super cold though. To be honest that could just be pure luck anyways. I’m fairly positive I don’t want to put one above anything that does heating and cooling in the apartment. Some walls might be bare. I’ll figure that out though. I’m kind of dumb with these things so I should ask a HVAC serviceman about it. I’m hoping I’m not coming off weird now.


a/c serviceman