I had enough of the fighting and I was done for awhile

Summer is my least favorite time of the year for a number of reasons.

  • The kids are home from school.

They fight and argue constantly and I have to find ways to keep them occupied. It’s hot, humid, and muggy and we don’t have a pool. There is a pool at the YMCA located down the street, but they charge ten bucks each person to swim and the pool is indoors and heated. Nobody wants to swim indoors in a heated pool when it is 99 degrees outside. A couple of weeks ago, the kids were arguing and fighting and I was tired of hearing them yell. They were complaining about the indoor air temperatures and wanted to adjust the thermostat so it was only 68 degrees in the house. I told both of the kids that we can’t adjust the thermostat that low because it won’t break the air conditioner. A couple of minutes later, I walked down the hallway and I saw that it was 65 degrees on the thermostat. I nearly lost my mind and I got very angry and started yelling at the kids. They told me that it was too hot and I decided to show them what real heat can be like. I made them go outside and sit in the garage while they cleaned up. I made them clean the shelves and the floors and I didn’t let them come back into the house until the entire area was spotless and clean. I doubt they will find time to complain about the indoor air temperatures again this summer.


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The firehouse needed a new mini-split HVAC unit in the dorms

Around here, people who work at the fire station are volunteers. They do not get paid for their services, even though we can be busy during the summer season when people are camping. Forest fires happen frequently and it is important that the city has plenty of volunteer firefighters ready to go. I worked as a volunteer firefighter when I was in my early twenties, but I wasn’t physically fit to remain working after I turned thirty. Firefighters work in three consecutive shifts. The 8 hour shift starts at 7 in the morning and runs continuously. Several weeks ago, my business had a small fire and I called the emergency service line and the fire station staff were there in less than 5 minutes. Their quick thinking saved me thousands of dollars in damages. The fire started in the warehouse where I have lots of machinery like AC units, furnaces, and heat pumps. There are also chemicals and hoses and lots of plastic that could have burned all night long. I wanted to find a way to thank the guys for working so fast and diligently. I found out that they needed a heating and air conditioning unit in the dorms. Befor eI added a minis-plit ductless HVAC unit, they were cooling the air with a large ventilation fan. I decided to install the heating and air conditioning unit for free and I paid for all of the parts as well. It was a small way to thank the guys for saving my heating and air conditioning repair business.

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I love the new AC unit and it keeps me cool

My coworker and I were very surprised by the kind gesture and we tried to say no to the very expensive gift

I work down by the river at a place that rents kayaks and canoes. I have been working there for several years and I love the job. I get to work outside everyday and enjoy nature and the water. Sometimes I kayak up and down the river and there are days when folks request a tour. I like to be a tour guide, and I am the only person working at the shop that really knows the history of the land and the river. I grew up in this region and my mom is a huge history buff. She told me lots of stories about the town and the surrounding area. It’s one of the reasons why I love working outside in nature. It can be very hot and humid by the river during the summer season, and until a few weeks ago we didn’t have any way to cool the shop. A customer had a really great time on a tour of the river and he came back the next day with a small window AC unit. My coworker and I were very surprised by the kind gesture and we tried to say no to the very expensive gift. We had room for the small window AC unit inside of the shack, but I honestly didn’t think we should accept the air conditioner. The guy insisted that he wasn’t going to take it home and promised he would leave it in the parking lot if we didn’t put it in the shack and keep it. That was the last thing I needed to hear.


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The replacement couldn't happen until the next day

When my wife and I found out that we needed a brand new air conditioner, we hoped that the repair technician would be able to install that machine on the same day that we called for the repair.

Unfortunately, the replacement couldn’t happen until the next day. The heat pump and the air conditioner had to be ordered from a distributor and the parts couldn’t be delivered until the next day. It takes all day to install a brand new heat pump and air conditioner, and those jobs start early in the morning so the technicians can be finished before dinner time. Since we couldn’t get the machine replaced that day, the technician installed a window AC unit in the kitchen to help with the temperature problem. I was hoping for a new AC, but the window unit was a nice gesture so we didn’t get heat stroke overnight. In the morning, the two man crew of installation technicians arrived bright and early at 7am. My wife and I didn’t really expect the replacement to take all day, so we were very surprised when both heating and air conditioning repair technicians were there until dinner time. It’s a good thing that we canceled dinner with our parents who were planning to visit that night to celebrate their anniversary. We postponed the plans until the weekend and decided to meet at a new restaurant downtown. They had really good food. I had a rare steak that was soft like butter and tasted fresh and delicious. It was still a nice way to celebrate twenty years of marriage.


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The hotel didn't have a fitness center, but the AC was powerful and cool

Another great reason to attend a conference and seminar is the fact that I have the entire room to myself

Every year during the Spring, I have to go to a work conference and seminar. It is a nice way to build relationships with other people in the industry. It is also a great way to build teamwork within the company. This spring the work conference was held in a very warm location. I was absolutely excited to attend the conference and it was my first time visiting the area. I looked forward to the afternoon hours when I had the opportunity to explore the city and visit new restaurants, bars, and clubs. I planned to go to the fitness center every morning before I went to the conference, but the fitness center was closed for renovations during the week of the seminar. I was very disappointed, but there were plenty of other reasons to be happy about the hotel. The AC was one of those reasons. Sometimes the AC doesn’t work very well and I have to sleep in an uncomfortable room. I would rather not be able to work out in the fitness center then have to sleep in a room that is too hot and humid. When I saw the brand new AC unit in the hotel room, I immediately adjusted the temperature to 68°. Another great reason to attend a conference and seminar is the fact that I have the entire room to myself. I can adjust the temperatures to the coldest setting and I don’t have to listen to my wife complain that it is too cold inside of the house. She never likes the temperature low and complains when it’s 70.

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I was worried when the ventilation on the plane wasn't helping the indoor air

I thought there might be a problem with the airplane, because I didn’t know where the smell was coming from

My wife and I were traveling on an airplane, on our way home from visiting some friends and family. It was very late at night and it was dark outside and inside of the plane. All of the lights were off, and I started to smell the most horrible and terrible odor. I couldn’t pinpoint where the odor was coming from, but it smelled really bad. It was an unusual odor and I decided to say something to the person who was walking up and down the aisle. The flight attendant told me that she was aware of the smell and they were trying to find the cause. She urged me to turn the ventilation fan all the way to the highest spot to help clean the air. The ventilation system on a plane has an air purifier. As air runs through the ventilation system, it is purified and then sent back out on the plane. This is one of the reasons why a plane is a safe place during the time of covid. There are extremely powerful air filters that get rid of indoor air pollutants, toxins, and smell. When the plane ventilation system didn’t get rid of the odor, I was worried and on alert. I thought there might be a problem with the airplane, because I didn’t know where the smell was coming from. I was starting to get worried and I thought about waking up my wife, but she was sleeping very soundly. I sat there in the dark hoping the plane was not going to fall out of the sky. When we safely landed, I was so thankful.


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The noise was louder than ever before

I’m not really a person that is scared easily, but I was very frightened last Thursday when I was home alone and I heard a strange noise in the dashboard.

My husband and I were fairly certain that there was a mouse in the ductwork, because we heard a small amount of racket in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep.

It wasn’t a lot and we didn’t want to go through the hassle of trying to locate the mouse. When I was home on Thursday, I was laying on the couch taking a nap and the house was very quiet. I heard the loudest sound in the ductwork above my head and I heard several animals scurrying around. It sounded like a whole family of mice and I got scared and worried. I called the HVAC repair company and an exterminator as quickly as possible. My husband came home from work a couple of hours later and the exterminator was arriving around the same time. He was very surprised, even though I left a couple of messages on his cell phone. I told him about the noises that I heard in the ductwork and how scared I was that we had an infestation. I told my husband that the noise was louder than ever before and he agreed that it was a good idea to contact both of the service providers. We both patiently waited to hear the results from both people and we were very nervous. We honestly didn’t realize the problems in the ductwork were this bad.

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Moisture caused warping on my mom favorite table

I asked my mom if she noticed the warping and she immediately became upset.

When my mom was 12, her grandmother passed away. My mother got the table that was in her sewing room. My mom has always loved and cherished this particular piece of furniture. When my brothers and I were younger, my mom kept the table in her bedroom so we wouldn’t accidentally break it. The legs were very fragile but it is still quite stable and sturdy. My brothers and I grew up and moved out of the house. My mom took the table downstairs and put it in the living room so she could look at it every single day.A few weeks ago I went to see my mom with both of my kids. They are toddlers and very rambunctious and mischievous. My mom asked me to clean the table and move it to the front room where no one walks or plays. As I was getting the table cleaned, I noticed a great deal of warping on the back of the furniture. I asked my mom if she noticed the warping and she immediately became upset. There was a lot of moisture in the house, because my mom lives close to the water and she doesn’t have a dehumidifier running during the summer. We couldn’t do anything to fix the warping that already occurred, but I told my mom that we could easily purchase a small dehumidifier to put in that room. I even offered to go to the hardware store to find a dehumidifier. My mom was really upset when she saw the damage, but I’m sure the dehumidifier will keep the problem from getting worse.


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The tiny house keeps my brother close while giving him some independence

My little brother was born when my mom was 45 years old.

He is slightly retarded and cannot take care of himself.

He’s 24 years old right now and he still lives at home. He works part-time at a grocery store, but he doesn’t drive. He rides a bicycle everywhere that he goes. My mom and dad know that he is never going to be able to live alone. Last year they decided to build a house in the backyard. My parents have 20 acres of property and the ranch has a lot of room or building. My mom and dad called a contractor to build a tiny house on the property. The tiny house keeps my brother close, while still giving him a little bit of Independence. The tiny house is on the property and there is a small driveway from my parents place to my brothers place. The tiny house has everything that my brother needs to be happy. There is a queen size bed, shower, toilet, bathtub, and a full kitchen. The house has a big television and a sofa and chair. Heating and cooling the tiny house was a bit tricky, because the place only has 400 square feet. Luckily, my parents hired a great contractor that had plenty of ideas for heating and cooling the tiny house. A great idea was the mini split ductless heating and air conditioning system which is easy to install and very easy to use. The ductless HVAC unit even has a remote control to switch between heat and cool.



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The AC needed to be bigger if we were adding the garage

My wife and I wanted to turn the garage into a small apartment.

My mother was coming to live with us, but we once had her to have some space of her own.

She wasn’t particularly happy about the fact that she had to move out of the family home, but she wasn’t capable of taking care of herself any longer. There was a month worth of mail in the mailbox and two weeks of newspapers on the front porch when my wife and I went to visit. My mom looked like she had not eaten in several days. My wife and I knew we had to do something to fix the problem, so we decided to turn the garage into an apartment so mother can live with us. My mom wasn’t thrilled about moving to our home, but she was much more agreeable to the plan after she found out that the garage was going to be a small apartment. My wife and I hired a contractor to complete the work. One of the biggest problems was adding heat and air conditioning to the garage space. The area did not have any duct work. My wife and I discussed the options available with a licensed and Nate certified HVAC contractor. If we were going to duct the existing system to the garage, then we would need to buy a bigger AC unit to handle the extra square footage. The best way to solve the problem was to purchase a mini split ductless HVAC machine. That is exactly the route that we chose for the project.

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