I told my husband I want to turn the garage into a living room

I recently told my husband Jim that I want to turn our garage into a living room and he looked at me like I had grown two heads or something.

It’s not like he should really be surprised, though, if you ask me.

I mean, it’s really no big shock that I want to have a little bit more space for our family. We have three kids and two big dogs and it seems like this place is getting smaller and smaller all the time. I have been talking to a couple of different contractors about this and yesterday I met with an HVAC contractor. It was one of those meetings where I found out that it’s going to be much more difficult to get the heating and cooling stuff straightened out in the garage than I thought it was going to be. I thought that they would just be able to hook up the garage to the HVAC system in the house and that would be the end of it. Well, it turns out that it’s much more complicated than that. I thought that it would be easy, but the HVAC contractor that we talked to said that it would be very difficult to run ductwork from our existing ventilation system out to new ductwork in the garage. He said that we might actually be better off to install something called a ductless mini split air conditioning system out in the garage. He said that those types of HVAC systems are easy to install and would probably be easy on our wallets, since they don’t need too much electricity to run them most of the time.


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My sister Kim is the only woman I know who does HVAC work

My sister Kim has always been interested in the heating and cooling industry and she is now a heating and cooling professional.

  • She started taking classes at our local technical school just after she got out of high school seven years ago and she hasn’t looked back since then.

I don’t know why in the world she had all of this interest in the heating and cooling profession, but for some reason, she just did. She had always told me that one day, she was going to go to school and learn how to be an HVAC technician. It was a weird thing for her to say, since most little girls want to be singers or dancers or something like that. Not my sister Kim, though. Kim wanted to be an HVAC technician from the time she was about ten or eleven years old. Anyway, when she got out of high school and signed up for the technical school here in town, we all wondered if she would ever really even finish the course. I guess we all kind of thought that it was just a passing interest in heating and cooling, but we were all definitely wrong. I now fully admit that Kim is one of the best heating and cooling technicians in our county. She has been working at the same HVAC company ever since she got out of technical school with her HVAC certification. She is really great at her job and I think that she will probably end up doing it as a career for the rest of her life. She’s the only woman I know around here who does HVAC work.


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When my dad moves in, I’m worried about what will happen

My dad is planning on moving in with us at the end of next month and I am a little bit worried about what might happen with the air conditioning situation in our house.

See, my dad is one of those guys who does not like using the air conditioning.

He is the complete opposite of me and my wife, though. We keep the thermostat in our house turned down to about 67 degrees during the summertime, and even then, sometimes, we think that it feels too hot inside of the house. We do not do well when it’s too hot inside the house. Both of us get really irritable and mean whenever we think that the temperature in the house is too hot. My dad, on the other hand, is someone who rarely, if ever, uses the central air conditioning in his house. He is perfectly fine during the hottest part of the summer with just a ceiling fan going in his bedroom. He says that central air conditioning chills him to his bones and that he can’t ever get warm when the A/C is running. So, since he’s planning on moving in with the two of us at the end of the month next month, I just don’t know what’s going to happen! It’s still summertime, even though it’s getting to be the end of summer. The weather still hasn’t started cooling off very much and we are definitely still going to need the central air conditioning to be running when he moves in. I want my dad to be comfortable, but I know that my wife and I will be fighting all the time if we don’t use the A/C when it’s still hot outside!

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It was way too hot at the dinner party we went to

We went to a dinner party that our neighbors down the street had a few days ago and the whole thing was a little bit crazy.

There were a lot of people there and we thought that there were only going to be a few people, first of all.

We don’t really like being in big crowds on a good day! We like it even less when it’s super hot outside and the temperatures are making us crabby and irritable. Anyway, we got to the party and at the time we arrived, the temperature outside was about 90 degrees. The humidity was high that day too, and that never helps! So the dinner party was very nice except for the fact that it was so incredibly hot inside of the house. I thought that they were going to have us seated outside at their patio and pool area in the back of the house, but then I realized that they expected for all of us to cram into their little dining room around the cramped dining room table. This was a terrible move for them logistically. I don’t know why in the world they would have decided to keep us all in the house, because it was so hot inside of their house that it wasn’t even funny. It was like they didn’t even have their central air conditioning system turned on at all. I was sweating like a crazy person by the time they served the salads and I was ready to leave before they served the main course. I am pretty sure that everyone else felt the same way, too! They should have had their central A/C turned on full blast if they were planning on having so many people in their house. I don’t think they even had it turned on at all!


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We are having a big outdoor party at the end of the month

At the end of the month, we are going to be having a big outdoor party at our house in our giant backyard.

  • The only thing that I’m really concerned about is the weather and how the temperatures have been really heating up a lot lately.

We have had a super hot summer this year and the weatherman has been telling us that there have been record high temperatures going on around here for the past few weeks or so. I know that every single person that we have invited is going to come to the party and they are going to expect to have a really good time. I have a reputation for throwing a really good party, and so people have just come to expect it from me. However, the party is going to be hard to pull off now just because of the high temperatures that we are going to have to deal with that day. I told my husband that we should think about renting one of those big white outdoor tents with the flaps on the sides so that we could get some portable air conditioning units to put inside of it. I think that if we had a place where people could go and get cooled off for a while, then it would be really good for everyone. Not everybody can go for hours at a time without air conditioning and I realize that this is the case. I think that we will definitely have to fix it so that somehow, people can start cooling off whenever they get too hot. I would hate to have someone pass out from overheating at our party!


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My mom says that bad luck comes in threes

My mom always tells me that bad luck comes in threes and I think that she’s probably not wrong! I used to think that she was just being silly, but now that I’m older, I have seen it happen more times than you would believe.

It’s really weird that things keep on happening in groups of three to me, but I’m starting to feel like the universe wants bad things to come to me in threes for some reason. Perhaps my mother is sending out waves into the universe to make sure that I’m still listening to her all of these years later. It’s starting to make me feel like I’m going crazy or something because I notice it all the time. Anyway, the last time that this happened, I just about threw my hands up and quit because it was such a horrible week. Everything seemed to go wrong. First of all, my refrigerator broke down. While I was worrying about that, I started noticing that the house was heating up inside, even though I had the thermostat turned way down. According to my thermostat, the house should have been cooling down all the way to 66 degrees. It was not working, though, and I figured out pretty quickly that there was something wrong with the central air conditioning system. I couldn’t help but think that there was going to be one more thing that was going to go wrong really quickly. And of course, I was right! Just after I figured out that the air conditioning was broken and I was going to call the HVAC company to schedule an A/C repair, that’s when I saw that the phone was broken too!

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I think the office is way too cold in the summer

I tend to be cold most of the time, and even though I realize this about myself, sometimes it’s hard to deal with.

I know that I annoy people sometimes.

That’s especially true whenever the weather is hot outside and around here, our weather is just about always hot outside. We have terribly hot summers here and so most places keep the air conditioning turned down super low. It’s one of those things that can’t be helped because the temperatures outside are so hot all the time. Whenever you set the thermostat inside of a restaurant or a business, it makes the air conditioning run and run until it reaches the temperature that you set it at. Most places keep their thermostats set at really low temperatures because of the fact that the doors are always opening and closing and letting the air conditioning out through the doors. However, the place that I work isn’t like that. There are no exterior doors that lead directly to the outdoors in my office, and so whenever someone opens or closes a door in our office, none of the air conditioning leaks out at all. The office manager in our office seems to like to keep the air conditioning turned down to sub zero temperatures for some reason, and when you pair that up with someone like me who is cold all the time, it’s just a recipe for disaster. I hate being cold and this office manager seems to do her best to make sure that our A/C is as cold as it can possibly be.
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I never knew that your HVAC system was so important

I never knew before this year that your HVAC system, specifically your air conditioning system, was so important to humidity control in your home. It’s something that I ended up having to learn the hard way when my A/C tore up earlier in the summer. I had no idea that the air conditioning system was not only for cooling your house down, but also for removing the humidity from the air in your home. Down here in the southern part of the country where we live, the humidity is just terrible. You wouldn’t believe how quickly the air starts heating up whenever the air conditioning stops running. Not only that, but the humidity starts building up like crazy and the indoor air quality gets to be terrible really fast. It’s not the most comfortable situation, that’s for sure. Before this year when the air conditioning tore up, I had no idea that it would be such a problem. The indoor air quality in your home is really important for your health and for your family’s well-being. Whenever you have too much humidity in your home, then that’s a recipe for disaster. You end up with poor indoor air quality and sometimes that can even lead to mold. Now that I know that the poor indoor air quality can be inextricably linked to having too much humidity in your home. Without a properly functioning air conditioning unit in your home, you’re going to end up in trouble if you live around here. That’s why from now on, I’m going to make sure to keep my A/C well maintained!

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My dad insists that HEPA filters are worth the money

My dad insists that HEPA air filters are really worth the extra money that you have to pay for them.

I don’t know if that’s true. I mean, in my opinion, I would really think that the type of air filters that you use wouldn’t really matter all that much to the indoor air quality in your home. I would think that an air filter is an air filter, and you should just make sure to get the correct size for the HVAC system in your home. But according to my dad, that’s not really the way that it is. He says that if you really want to have the best indoor air quality in your home, then you should definitely try to get a HEPA filter for your home. He says that HEPA filters are really the only way to go whenever you’re trying to update or upgrade the air filters in your heating and cooling system. My dad has always sworn by this type of air filter. I remember seeing the little symbol for HEPA filters on each and every air filter that my dad ever brought home from the local hardware store. So he has always been someone who believes in the quality of a HEPA filter. I don’t know why he thinks this or when in the world he began to feel like the HEPA filter was the only type of filter for him. Anyway, now that I’m grown up and I’m living in my own home, my dad comes over to work on the HVAC system for me whenever it needs something. He always tells me that I need to stop buying cheap air filters and switch over to HEPA filters instead.

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We are going to buy a UV light air purification system

We have decided that we are going to buy a UV light air purification system for our house.

  • We have been thinking about it for a long time, but it was something that we kept putting off for one reason or another over the past couple of years.

Last year, whenever everything on the news was about viruses and indoor air quality, we really wanted to get a whole home air purification system to run in tandem with our existing heating and cooling system. We kept reading about the way whole home air purification systems are so good for your home’s indoor air quality, and of course, at that time we were all about doing that. Of course, everyone wants the best indoor air quality in their home that they can possibly get. Whenever I talked to our local heating and cooling company about it, they told me that there are several different ways to improve the indoor air quality in your home. There are different kinds of air purification systems too, but we had done a lot of research on it and so we knew that we wanted a UV light air purification system in our house. It was something that we knew would improve the indoor air quality in the house. UV light air purification systems can get rid of not only pollen and dust and things like that, but they will also get rid of smaller things like bacteria and particles that might cause sickness. I’m excited to get the air purification system installed. I think it will make a big difference.

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