Missed out on heated flooring

I desperately wanted to add heated flooring to my home.

I made the mistake of redoing my floors but not doing further research.

I just ripped up the old carpet, laid down a cement board and put a tile overtop. When you rip up your floors, that is the only time to install the heating system. It is a very messy, invasive project. I literally had the perfect set up and didn’t do it! I also redid the floors everywhere except for my two bathrooms. Now that everything is all installed, of course my heating system decided to no longer work. I need a new heater and when I looked into heated flooring, I was bummed. I loved hearing about no heated air rising, it being a silent system and a cleaner device since it doesn’t stir up dust. However, I totally missed my window. I ended up just getting a gas fireplace installed instead. The fireplace is nice, but just not that powerful. It can provide heating for my living room and kitchen no problem. The bedrooms are upstairs and I had to get a separate electric heater for there. It ended up being very expensive and now I have two heating systems. I could have just done the electric heated mats and called it a day. Now I am thinking that when the time comes for a bathroom remodel, I will add heated flooring in those rooms. Having heated flooring in the bathroom isn’t necessary, but it will make me feel better to have some heat under my feet.


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Should have hired the professional

I made the huge mistake of hiring a handyman over a real HVAC contractor. I had a real HVAC company come in and assess the job of adding a ductless heat pump to my kitchen. I explained that I wanted it on a side wall, hidden out of the way. I wanted the outdoor unit not visible from the road. The HVAC contractor said he could do it and then gave me a quote. I just about died over the cost. I then chose a handyman and told him the same criteria. When he gave me a quote for half the cost, I was excited and sold on him. Half the cost but twice as bad of a worker is what I am thinking. The guy never wanted to do the HVAC installation work when I was around. He finally managed to time it as I was leaving for work. I had no choice but to leave the money on the table since he was going to finish. When I arrived home I just about screamed. He put the heat pump right above my kitchen windows. It looks so bad there! That means he drilled into the side of my house you can see from the road. The outdoor unit is clearly just sitting in my lawn too. To make matters worse, the heat pump doesn’t work. It can turn on, but nothing happens. I think he forgot to put refrigerant in the system. So right now I have a heat pump that won’t work in the wrong spot. The guy won’t answer his phone and correct the mistake either. I think I am just stuck with it.

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Don’t have to worry about an HVAC professional

There are a million ways to cut corners.

  • And there are millions of people who are actively engaging in cutting those corners.

I like to save money too. But when it comes to cutting corners to save a buck or two, I have been badly burned in the past. There is a saying that goes something like “you get what you pay for” and that is more often the case than not. So I tend to be a bit more cautious when it comes to saving money by cutting a corner. A recent HVAC service is a great example of that. Our air conditioning just wasn’t cooling like we felt it should. The HVAC equipment was indeed running but, it wasn’t really pumping out the HVAC cooling that we expect. And that caused the HVAC unit to cycle on far more than normal. My husband had been briefly discussing this with a neighbor. This neighbor suggested that our problem was simply that the heat pump needed a recharge. So he gave us a number of a guy he knew that could perform this HVAC service and charged a lot less than what the HVAC company charged. This sounded great at first. But then we got to thinking that our HVAC equipment is so essential that it really needed an HVAC professional. And there was no guarantee with the handyman person. An uncertified HVAC repairman was not a corner that we were ready to cut. So we called the HVAC company who sent out a certified HVAC professional. There is no question that we could trust a licensed and certified HVAC professional.

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Leave it to the HVAC contractor

There are so many moving parts when it comes to building a house that it gets really tough to follow them all.

But the best homes come from those homeowners who are involved in the build project itself.

And getting a bit of knowledge about how a home build should proceed first is something I would highly recommend. I would also highly recommend working with contractors you don’t have to hover over. During our build, the HVAC contractor was just that sort of HVAC professional. Our general contractor was not onsite all that often so we dealt with the foreman mostly. And we made sure to get to know each of the subcontractors. The HVAC contractor was someone we spotted as a complete professional right away. He had a complete grasp of the heating and cooling design and HVAC equipment that we had agreed to. But he was also very engaging on the finer details that weren’t in the blue prints and designs. He went over those heating and air conditioning elements with us to assure that we understood and signed off on any changes. Basically, we knew that we could completely and totally trust the HVAC contractor to have our best interest. Our HVAC contractor just wanted to provide us with the best heating and cooling that he could. And this also freed us up to pay closer attention to the subcontractors who weren’t as forth coming and needed more supervision. All in all, I’d say the home build project was worth the time, energy and emotional investment. Having a great HVAC contractor really made a difference for us.


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Added efficiency from ductwork cleaning and resealing

I just love it when you think you’re paying for one thing and yet you get a bonus benefit you didn’t see coming.

That is sort of rare for me so when it happened with the HVAC equipment, I was quite surprised. It all started when I had a cold that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. The cold got better except that I still had a scratchy throat, sinus trouble and a bit of a cough. Finally, my wife made me go to the doctor and I got the strangest diagnosis of my life. It wasn’t so much the cold as it was the air in my house. The doctor suggested I do two thing to see if my ongoing head and chest issues cleared up. First, he told me to replace the cheap HVAC air filter with a HEPA filter. This would improve the indoor air quality by a tremendous amount. A HEPA air filter traps and removes over 99.7 percent of airborne contaminants. Then, I was to get the air ducts cleaned since I had never done that before. We’d only been in that house 15 years or more at that point but I still hadn’t gotten any ductwork cleaning is all that time. I called the HVAC company and they sent out a ductwork cleaning crew. They did a bang up job with the ductwork cleaning. But what I didn’t know was that is followed by ductwork resealing. This is where they reseal the air duct joints to keep the dust and debris out. But ductwork resealing greatly enhances the efficiency of the HVAC unit. So I ended up saving a bunch of money as well.


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Sort of forgot about the HVAC ductwork

I was just so excited to be getting new HVAC equipment.

  • The heating and cooling equipment that came with the house was adequate but it wasn’t really what I wanted.

So it took a lot of years before I was able to get the HVAC technology that I really wanted. And on top of that, I had scored the HVAC equipment on my own and at a considerable discount. The HVAC company had me in to go over the different models of HVAC equipment for replacement consideration. That’s when I took copious notes in an effort to fully understand just what these HVAC models were and their specifications. From there, I scoured the internet for months looking for clearance deals on residential HVAC. Then I hit the jackpot and got my complete HVAC unit for nearly 40 percent off. It got shipped to my house and all that was left was making an appointment for the air conditioning install. The HVAC contractor came out a few days prior to the installation date to inspect and prepare. That’s when I found out that I’m not quite as smart as I think I am when it comes to HVAC. Turns out the ductwork in my house was not compatible with the HVAC equipment I purchased. While the specifications were similar to those at the HVAC company I saw, they weren’t the same. And the new HVAC unit would not work with the size of my ductwork. Talk about a fly in the proverbial ointment. Needless to say, I didn’t get the HVAC equipment installed days later. And I’m still trying to figure out just what to do.


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Will take a heat pump over a gas furnace

As far as heating capacity, the gas furnace is probably much stronger and more powerful than an HVAC heat pump.

I don’t have the actual heating data to back that up.

But the gas furnace is used in regions where the winter is brutal. The heat pump is used where the winters are far less severe. Although, I will trade a gas furnace for a heat pump just about any day. That’s mainly due to the fact that I am done with those ugly winters that require a gas furnace heating my house. Without all those years of gas furnace heating, I would have been a miserable and frozen guy. Now, winter is a whole other animal. In fact, I even look forward to winter which is a real change of pace for me. That’s because I basically dreaded winter with every fiber of my body toward the end there. Too many years of all that snow, ice and gas furnace costs finally took its toll. I still have the heating maintenance done in the fall by the HVAC technician. It’s just that the heating maintenance is on the same piece of equipment as the air conditioning. And the winter here does produce some cold snaps. There are times where we have to bring in the plants and flip the thermostat over to heating. But the heat pump never lets us down. Honestly, it doesn’t even have to cycle on all that much to knock the chill right out of the house during the cold snaps of winter. So yeah, I will trade you a gas furnace for a heat pump as long as I’m still breathing air.

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It doesn’t take all that much effort to ease the load on the HVAC

Until I owned my own house and embraced my adult responsibilities, I was one of those people who needed instant gratification.

  • If I couldn’t have it now, I didn’t want it.

That was such a weird way to be but that’s the way I was. I couldn’t hardly be patient enough to let the air conditioning cool down my apartment. Literally, I would sit in my car with the air conditioning running until I thought the HVAC cooling in my apartment had run long enough. Sometimes, I just scratch my head when it comes to this sort of thing. But becoming a grown person has a way of changing those type of immature antics. I know that’s what happened to me. Simply owning a home forced me to think about a bigger picture and down the road. Like the fact that I needed to get several more years out of the old HVAC equipment before replacing it. This took some planning and getting proactive to make happen. The HVAC equipment got regular and consistent HVAC maintenance so I knew that would be a plus in the longevity department. The HVAC technician figured I could make my goal but I could also benefit the situation by easing the load on the heating and cooling equipment. So I sealed the house super tight to keep all the heating and cooling inside and not let it leak out. Then, I got serious about thermostat setting discipline. No more over cooling or over heating at all. Plus, I made sure that the HVAC air filter was changed every month on time to give the HVAC all the air flow it needed. We are closing in on that date now and have even picked out the new HVAC equipment. And that’s thanks to a little planning and some getting busy.

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This sunroom needed some HVAC

I’m sure that many, many of us make long term plans that end up getting radically changed as time goes by.

That certainly has happened with our retirement plans.

For decades, my husband and I had planned to retire to the land of the sun and enjoy all that air conditioning down there. We had worked and saved for that scenario for a very long time. My husband was less than 2 years from retirement when he died suddenly. Once I was able to come to grips with that reality, the thought of retiring down in the land of the HVAC heat pump just didn’t feel right. There was just no way that I could follow through on our plans. Not only would it be a big financial hardship but it would break my heart as well. My son and daughter were in the region so I decided to just stay put. I upgraded the HVAC equipment and put the family home on the market. That money helped me buy a nice little 2 bedroom place for me and the dog. But with a bit of that money, I did something that my husband wanted so much in our retirement dream. I put on a sunroom. It’s great and just what he would have wanted. Only I had to have the HVAC company come out and install a ductless heat pump out there. The winters here are just too cold to sit out there without some form of heating. But the ductless heat pump also comes in handy in the summer for some air conditioned sunroom pleasure.


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Duplex gets new heating and cooling life

The situation I was looking for finally came along. For some time, I had been looking for a situation where I could own a duplex. This was something that would work out very well for me. I’m single and have a steady job but I’m not rich by any financial measure. The idea was to live in one half of the duplex enjoying my life and HVAC comfort while renting out the other half. I’d essentially be paying my mortgage almost with the rent. That really appealed to me. However, it took a while to find the duplex that I could afford. And of course, that meant a lot of work to be done. It was obvious that the HVAC equipment would need to come out. But upon inspection, I found out that even the ductwork was shot and useless. This changed my plans for just how to replace the HVAC equipment. I wasn’t into the expense of ripping out and then replacing the ductwork in both units. And then replacing both heat pumps would put me at my very limit on that part of my renovation budget. Thankfully, the HVAC company I was working with came up with an very workable alternative. The duplex’s floor plan leant itself to having a pair of ductless heat pumps in both sides of the structure. This would alleviate the need for new ductwork and I could simply leave the old ductwork in place. So that’s exactly what I did. And the ductless heat pumps are just wonderful. They are so efficient and there is no drop off in ventilation power when it comes to the ductless mini split. I couldn’t be happier with the way it all turned out.
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