Thermostat placement is actually important!

There are a lot of things to keep in mind about how an HVAC system functions properly.

  • Obviously, it needs to be regularly maintenanced.

But what about other nitty-gritty details? You may not have expected it, but thermostat placement is actually really important. It’s easier to understand when you realize that a thermostat detects the air temperature in its immediate surroundings. If the air temperature around your thermostat does not accurately reflect the air temperature in the other parts of your home, everything is going to be off-kilter. Here’s some tips to make sure the thermostat is giving off an accurate reading. First of all, do not install the thermostat near windows or doorways to the outside, especially ones that remain open quite often. Obviously, the temperature fluctuations will confuse your thermostat and can cause problems. Also, keep it away from air vents that might blow air directly on it, as that will cause an inaccurate reading as well. Even direct sunlight shining on the thermostat should be avoided for the same reason. An open area in the central part of your home is probably the best place for a thermostat. The height also matters, so keep it about 5 ft off the ground for accurate readings. That seems like a lot of things to remember for something that you took for granted a moment ago, but it actually makes a lot of sense. The thermostat is the brain of the HVAC system, and if the brain is perceiving something In such a way that is not accurate to reality, the body will not benefit!


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Buying a home with an old HVAC system and then not using it

When I moved into my new home I had serious reservations about heating the entire house.

After all, I would be the only occupant for the foreseeable future.

The home was small, but I wanted to capitalize on that as much as I possibly could. It already came with a heating and air system. However, this system was older. Fifteen years old, to be exact, according to the prior owner. It’s at least partly why I got the home at the price that I did. The assumption would be that I would need to replace the HVAC system almost immediately. I went along with this notion and pretended that yes, it would definitely be an inconvenience, but nevertheless I was willing to purchase the home: at a lower price, you see. The truth is, I had no intention of replacing the HVAC system. At least not immediately. Was winter on its way? Why, yes it was. However, I had a plan. I would simply buy a few space heaters. The home is small as I said before. I decided that I would place one in the living room. Another, of course, would be in my bedroom. Finally, a thud I would keep in my kitchen/dining room area. It turns out this was a tenable plan. Granted, I had to dress in extra layers and buy a few more blankets, but the point was I could survive. When the summer months rolled around, I fully intended on buying a few portable air conditioners. That HVAC system could rot as far as I was concerned. I would never need it!
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Traveling was unbearable for the first 4 hours

I had not been out of our state and when my cousin Dylan suggested that we take the bus to the nearby state I was excited. I had flown abroad a few times for business but never had I left my state to another, especially not via bus. We picked a weekend to go on this adventure and Dylan booked our bus tickets in advance. We got to the bus station quite early since the trip would be 4 hours long on the road. The company promised the best comfort since we opted for the executive bus for our maiden trip. Well, everything from the interior to the service was checked out. We were given a few snacks, water, and soft drinks to enjoy while traveling. I was excited about it all as everything seemed great. Well, about an hour into our trip, the heat was unbearable. I removed my jacket since I suspected the excitement might have caused my body temperature to spike. This often happens when I am excited. However, when I noticed the other passengers close to me fanning themselves then I knew there was something wrong. The company claimed that the bus came with an air conditioner but it was clear that no AC existed. There was no way I could survive like this unless I wanted to faint or suffer from a heat stroke. After a few complaints, the driver agreed to stop at a fuel station where we went in for refreshments and the breeze. I went on to buy a small fan since the driver said we were far off for another bus to be sent as replacement. A trip that would have been perfect suddenly turned boring because of the excess heat. I was glad when the 4 hours came to an end.


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Changing the AC filters – an experience like no other

My son was happy about how I allowed him to do things around the house.Like his father, he wanted so much to make his mother proud and comfortable, am I not lucky? I appreciate the miles the men in life go to see me comfortable and happy. Well on this specific day my husband had traveled and the AC filters needed to be changed. I had never done this before because it was his role. My husband’s reminder went on when he was not home so I called him to let him know. He had completely forgotten and the fact that he would be away for another two weeks means that the AC may not work as well as it should. He decided that he would video call and guide me to replace the filters. My son overheard the conversation and offered to do it with his dad’s guidance. Since he was barely ten, I had to be there when he was going to handle the air conditioner. Brian really surprised his dad and I when he did exactly what my husband was saying. He first removed the old filter that was already dusty and sposed it. He then went on to replace it with a new one that would last at least two months before needing to be replaced. We have to keep changing the AC and furnace filters here because of the dust that keeps piling on surfaces here. With my help, we closed the AC as it was before and the air conditioner continued running as usual. I am glad that I have a dependable son just like his father.


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The HVAC tech took too long to come

It is easy to say that I am not a patient individual.

I have grown up with the instant mentality, which I admit is not great since the world doesn’t work like that.

I finally agreed that it was time to work on this weakness with the seriousness it deserted. However, this was not until something happened. I had been working for more than 12 hours that shift and all I wanted to do was get home and relax. My house had the best AC and after working in the hospital for that long, all I needed was a long shower and a relaxed evening in my favorite air conditioned room. My husband was already home but I didn’t want company so he excused himself and left me alone. Unfortunately, when I was in the shower, the AC suddenly stopped working. The house became hotter than usual and I wondered what had happened. My husband tried to check what the issue was but he was unable to trace anything. The filters had been changed and nothing was blocking the airflow to the HVAC unit as these were the common issues we experienced before. We had no choice but to call the HVAC professional to have a look. My frustrations suddenly shot up when the HVAC tech said he couldn’t come immediately because he was tied up in a different client’s house. I lost it and began shouting and cursing. Were it not for my level headed husband, I might have broken a few glasses as I vented. It was embarrassing when the HVAC contractor rang the door 15 minutes later since the other customer had rescheduled and the professional was around our home. He proceeded to check what the issue was and even fix it but I can’t explain the embarrassment. My husband tried to cover for me but this was so bad that I decided to work on my anger issue from that time. I’m currently going for therapy and I’m loving it.

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Learned how to fix the AC by checking out YouTube tutorials

You can learn anything in today’s digital world.

YouTube has become such an instrumental tool that most people turn to it for tutorials on different things.

The fact that this platform allows people to share how they do things. Professionals in different industries also share how processes of fixing and repairing different things should be done. Well, being the quick learner that I am, I seize any opportunity to try different skills. This is how I learned how to fix the air conditioner in my home. I live in a pretty hot area and summers can be unbearable with the best AC. This one time I noticed that the air conditioner was not cooling the house as it should. For some reason it would stop when you least expect it to and then come back on when you have given up. This inconsistency was getting on my nerves as it meant staying shirtless and drinking more water than I wanted to. I called the cooling expert that helps me with all my HVAC repairs. Unfortunately since this was one of the busiest months for them, he gave me a tentative date that was about a week and a half away. There was no way I could wait that long in this kind of discomfort. I remembered the tutorials on YouTube and searched for one that dealt with my kind of AC and the specific problem. Fortunately, there was one HVAC contractor that had a series of AC issues and how to fix them. I followed the tutorial step by step and cleaned the inside of the air conditioner as directed. When I assembled it back, the unit functioned as though it was new.

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I had to leave Denise to wait for the HVAC worker

Denise and I have been together for 4 years now, and I am one of the luckiest men in the world. See, I once made the mistake of breaking her heart, and I live to regret it to date. Denise never said a word, she just blocked me, and moved on with her life. I realized the mess I had made, and tried so hard to win her back. Eventually, her grandma and I sat down, and she explained that I needed to decide if I wanted to be with a woman like Denise. She is super strong in all ways including her spirit, which can be intimidating. So, it’s best to leave her alone if I knew I wasn’t looking for that kind of partner. Speaking to her granny was a good move since it made me realize she was exactly who I wanted to be with. I did my best, and eventually won her heart, and now we’ve been married for 4 years. Denise runs a salon in town, and I have set up my company. On this day, I had been working from home while waiting for the HVAC worker to come and do HVAC maintenance. However, a client was experiencing a crisis and I had to rush out to go and meet him. I called Denise to come home, and wait for the HVAC worker as I rushed to meet my client. Denise didn’t mind waiting for the HVAC worker, but I also knew she had a busy schedule at the salon. So I made sure to thank her for filling my position.



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No one heard the HVAC van pull up the driveway

I envy my sister and her partner, because they are in Europe having the best summer.

Well, next year it will be our turn, but I do wish it was us taking those lovely pictures. Anyway, my sister and I live in the same city, and we each have partners and kids. During summer, we made an agreement that we’d each take a month off and watch one another’s kids. This year, it was our turn and the house was packed with two adults, and seven kids. The cousins were having a blast since they’re on summer break, there’s a pool, and so much to do. We live in a semi-farm with animals and a wonderful set up. But, it can get overwhelming taking care of everyone. On this day, we were in the backyard swimming as we waited for the HVAC expert to come. That morning, the AC started sounding funny, and that sent my partner into a panic. The AC was blowing less cool air into the house, and we were packed in it. So, we decided to have a pool day to stay cool as we waited for the HVAC expert. No one heard the HVAC van pull up the driveway and the doorbell. The HVAC expert went round and appeared in the back area where we were all laughing and playing with water guns. My partner went to greet him, and led the way to the cooling unit. He then gave the HVAC expert room to do the HVAC repair and ensure we had a proper functioning AC for the summer.

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June can get excruciatingly hot in this part of the world

It’s always amazing to see a business that your start from scratch prosper.

I had tried to do business several times before and failed miserably.

A friend always says that was my time to learn the do’s and don’ts. When I wanted to set up another business, all those past failures would haunt me. I’d think that I was just wasting my time since this was a new industry, and I wasn’t as qualified for it. All those negative thoughts made me delay the start for a long time, which made me miserable. Finally, my good friend said it was time to follow my dream since I am good in business, and perhaps it would be my golden. She was right, and a few years later, the venture is thriving, and I’ve had so many wonderful experiences. I even managed to purchase a house this past spring after doing well. The house was an awesome find, and it came with a functional heating and cooling unit. The realtor informed me that all I’d need was HVAC inspection to ensure the unit was in the best condition. However, there was no need to spend money replacing the heating and cooling unit. The previous owner had done the HVAC replacement two years before, so the heating and cooling unit was still in excellent condition. I did go ahead and schedule cooling maintenance since June can get excruciatingly hot in this part of the world. So, I had to make sure my cooling unit was ready to keep me warm when the heat was upon us.

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Their home was too drafty which was affecting climate control

Luke and Todd did some online research, and found a local HVAC company.

Luke and Todd were in for the shock of their lives when they opted to relocate for work. See, for most of their lives, they’d lived at home. It’s only a brief period when they lived in the college dormitory. But, for the most part, they were living at home even when working. Their folks didn’t mind at all since they have a big house, and they’re all pretty close. When the brothers started their business, they knew living at home was the best decision. They could grow the company, and not incur too many costs. However, when the company demanded a new location, they knew it was time to fly the nest. The brothers did house hunting in the city which was perfect for doing business. Then, they purchased this house that wasn’t the best, but they believed they could fix it. Their first week in the house was so horrible that they longed for home. Their home was too drafty which was affecting climate control. Since it was fall, they knew it was best to do immediate insulation to prevent heat loss during winter. They also wanted to make sure the heating system in the house would keep them warm. Luke and Todd did some online research, and found a local HVAC company. They called to inquire about HVAC maintenance as well as insulation for their new home. The HVAC company also does plumbing and electrical work, so the brothers were happy to hire them. They’d get all their maintenance work done by the HVAC company.
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