The booster club is collecting money on Friday for new uniforms

Last Friday Night, the temperature was only 20 degrees and it was lightly snowing.

There is absolutely no way I would ever leave that house unless it was an emergency or an event having to do with my child.

That was the case on Friday. I didn’t want to leave the house. It was warm and comfortable with the heater running and the temperature on the thermostat set at 73 degrees. I had to go to the game, because the booster club was collecting money for new uniforms. I had to be there to help with the collection. I already promised the booster club president that I would help out during halftime. Of course, that was before I knew it was going to be frigid and cold. During the game, we sat inside of the booster club tent. There was a small space heater plugged into the corner, but the heater really wasn’t helping much at all. The tent wasn’t enclosed and a lot of the air went right outside and away from us. I had a seat on the other side of the room, so I couldn’t feel the space heater at all. At halftime, each one of us had to go into the crowd with a football helmet to get donations from the parents and yes that were watching the game. I thought my fingers were going to get frostbite while I was out there. There is no limit to the things that I would do for my children, but this was definitely one of those days when I would have preferred to stay home instead of being an enthusiastic mom.


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All donations go to the civic center for a new furnace

This town has a small Civic Center where the community can get together and have activities for free.

Once a week there is a free yoga class for beginners.

There are also after school youth activities at the Civic Center. There are a variety of community projects and yard sales that occur at the Civic Center on the weekends. When the furnace broke down, there was a huge fundraiser to raise money for the new furnace. There wasn’t any money in the budget to replace the expensive commercial Heating equipment, so the community sponsors had a fundraiser right in the middle of town. There were bands from five different counties and an option at the end of the week. After all of the funds were counted, the donations far exceeded the amount of money necessary to complete the commercial furnace installation job. The county used the extra money from the fundraiser to add a couple of features to the building. We have upgraded playground equipment including new slides and swings. We also have some volleyball nets installed in the lot next to the building where the kids already like to play after school. It was really nice to see the community come together for such a great cause. Everyone in the town benefits when there is a safe place for the kids to play after school. The Civic Center provides a safe environment for all of our children and that’s a great place to donate my money and any extra money that my company has left over in the budget at the end of the year.


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My best friend is getting radiant heated floors and I’m jealous

Radiant heated flooring is absolutely wonderful.

It warms up a home quite nicely by providing warmth from the ground to the ceiling.

Radiant heated flooring is most commonly seen with boilers. Boilers and hydronic heaters are perfect to use with radiant heated flooring. My best friend was planning to get rid of the boiler and her home, but the service technician talked her into radiant heated flooring instead. I’m super jealous that my best friend is getting radiant heated flooring. I’ve been asking my hubby to install radiant heated flooring for the past three years. We have a boiler heater as well. My husband insists that the costs are too steep, because the flooring needs to be removed. I know it’s a big job, but our floors need to be replaced sooner or later. The hardwood is warper in the living room and the bedroom and the tile in the kitchen is grossly discolored. Now that my best friend is having the heated flooring installed, I will know exactly how much money it is going to cost. We haven’t made any changes or upgrades to the house in at least 10 years and I have been hounding my husband to make some changes in the bedroom. I would settle for radiant heated flooring and just the bedroom and the master bathroom, if it really was too expensive to put the materials inside of the whole house. The kids are all in college or they have families of their own. It’s not as if we need to heat or cool the entire house now that it is just the two of us.

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We weren’t going to leave the repair so the guy could get high

Jack was my best friend at work and a great guy to team up with for a full system installation job. A full system installation job for the heating and cooling system takes most of the day. I relied on Jack to help me get the job done. We could work faster than most teams in the business. When Jack moved away, I was disappointed for many reasons. I wasn’t particularly happy to see my work buddy leave, and I was sad to lose a good friend as well. Jack and I spent some time together fishing on the lake. I couldn’t be upset with the guy, because he was moving to be with his girlfriend. They tried having a long-distance relationship and it didn’t work out, so Jack decided he would be the person to move and give up his job. The boss hired a different guy to take Jack’s place. I didn’t know much about the new guy until we had a chance to work together last Thursday. We had a commercial AC repair and the guy wanted to leave in the middle of the job so he could get high. I thought the guy was talking about cigarettes when he told me that he needed to smoke. I later found out that he was talking about marijuana. I mentioned marijuana to my boss as soon as we came back to the office. He took the HVAC technician into his office and I never saw the guy again. I assume he fired the guy, but he could be in a dumpster out back.

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The tshirts show off my fat gut and I hate it

I was pretty excited when I found out that the boss was going to order new uniforms for every one of the staff members.

I haven’t had new uniforms since I started working at the boiler repair shop last May.

Most of my shirts have stains and holes and they definitely don’t look professional in front of commercial customers. The boss asked everyone for our T-shirt size. I’ve gained a little bit of weight since I started the job. I previously had a large sized shirt, but I knew that an extra large shirt would fit much better. I told the boss that I wanted an extra large and I thought that’s what he would order. Unfortunately, the guy decided to buy me a large one for some reason. When the T-shirts came, I was pretty upset by the shirt that I received. It was much smaller than the shirt that I was already wearing. It shows off every single part of my physique, including my fat gut. I absolutely hate the new shirts and my boss insists that I wear them to every single commercial boiler repair. Every time I reach above my head, I feel insecure. I look horrible and that makes it even more difficult to recruit new clients. I’m tempted to contact a t-shirt manufacturer to see if they can duplicate the shirts. My boss doesn’t seem the least bit interested in finding me a shirt that will fit, but I really can’t continue to work with a sloppy, tight uniform that does not fit me properly.



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The airport made accommodations for everyone

I got stuck at an airport overnight after my flight home was canceled.

I was in town for a business seminar all week.

The weather was starting to get bad on Friday. My flight was scheduled to leave on Saturday. I got to the airport on Saturday morning and my flight was already delayed. I was hoping that the flight would take off after the sun came up and melted some of the ice. Unfortunately, the Sun never seemed to come out and the temperatures never got warmer. The sun didn’t come off and the ice and snow never melted. My flight was delayed again at lunch. I was supposed to leave at 8 p.m., but the flight was again delayed. The airline felt bad about all of the delays, so they made concessions and accommodations for everyone at the airport. They tried to put up as many families as possible in a hotel and they passed out blankets and coffee and hot chocolate to everyone that was stuck inside of that airport. I found a warm spot to sleep by a wall heater. I put my bag in the chair so it was like a pillow and the warm air from the heater was blowing down on top of my head. The wall heaters were only located every twenty feet, so I got lucky to find a spot under one of them. I managed to sleep for 3 or 4 hours before I woke up to the sound of a baby crying. There was a woman sitting on the floor with a baby and the woman looked miserable. I offered to give up my seat so she could sit in a chair and she looked like I offered her a million dollars.



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I couldn't finish the repair job after my stomach started to hurt

I had dinner with my girlfriend on Thursday night and she told me that she was going to make me something special.

I had some sort of chicken dish with vegetables and pasta.

My girlfriend told me the name of the dish, but it didn’t resemble anything that I’ve ever seen. I didn’t want to hurt my girlfriend’s feelings, so I ate as much of the chicken as possible. It had a very strange flavor and it was hard to eat an entire serving. About an hour after dinner, I started to feel a pain in my stomach. The pain was all over my stomach in less than an hour. The pain continued for 24-Hours. I honestly thought I was feeling better on Friday morning, so I went to work at the repair shop. I had a furnace repair early that morning. I drove out to the job with no problem at all. I had a cup of coffee and a danish and I felt fine. I went to grab some lunch from a food truck and that’s when I started to feel the pain once again. I had to call my boss and tell the guy that I couldn’t finish the repair job. I honestly thought I was going to need to go to the emergency room. I don’t think I’ve ever felt worse in my life than I did after eating the food that my girlfriend made for dinner. I know she was trying, but that stuff must have been straight up poison to make me feel so awful.

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My boyfriend looked like an idiot in front of the woman

Sometimes my boyfriend says really stupid things.

He doesn’t often realize that the things that he says sound sexist.

Just last week we had to call the apartment building supervisor because of an issue with our AC system. The apartment maintenance technician came to look at the HVAC system and he told us that we needed a brand new system installed. He had to call a repair service to complete the installation. He’s scheduled to service for the following day and he gave us the name of the company that would be handling the work. The business manager from that particular HVAC company called us later that afternoon to set up an appointment time for the installation. She told us that Chris would be there around 9 a.m. to start the job. When a woman showed up, my boyfriend was surprised. I guess he expected a man since the name was Chris. My boyfriend asked the woman if she was sure that she could handle the installation on her own. She rolled her eyes and then my boyfriend made a stupid comment about women in the workplace and gender roles. I thought she was going to walk out and leave us without an air conditioner, but she finished the job without making any comments about my stupid boyfriend. I apologize for his behavior when she left, but she wasn’t very interested in hearing anything about him. She did, however, ask me for my phone number. I think she might have been asking me out on a date, but I’m not entirely sure.

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Now I can do whatever I want in my place

I spent 6 years in a horrible relationship with my boyfriend.

I thought we were in love, but he just liked to control me. I didn’t realize there was a problem until a couple of months ago when I found out that he was cheating on me. I finally had the courage to kick him out of our apartment. Now I can do whatever I want in my place. It was lonely in the beginning and I really missed jack. I wanted to call him almost every night to beg him to come home. Eventually I realized that there are a lot of perks to being by yourself. I can walk around the house naked if I want. I can sleep all day and stay up all night. I can also set the temperature on the thermostat any place I want. My boyfriend and I constantly argued about the temperature in the house, because he liked it to be warm and I liked it to be cold. I never got my own way unless he was out of town on business and even then I had to make sure that the thermostat and indoor temperatures were exactly the way he wanted when he got home. Everything that I wanted became a second thought to all of the things that Jack wanted. I’m a lot happier now that I’m not in that relationship. It’s nice being able to control the temperatures in my apartment and watch whatever I want on the television. I will miss Jack and his charming smile, but I know that the two of us were not meant to be together.

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I had to call the repair service when the AC stopped working

My boss has been considering me for the assistant manager position at the restaurant.

I’ve been doing everything possible to show him that I am ready to take over the position. I will go from an hourly wage to a salary and I will qualify for benefits like medical, dental, and a retirement plan. It’s a really big deal and I have been working hard to earn the promotion. I haven’t missed a day of work in 18 months. Even when I had the flu, I came to work. My boss left me in charge for the first time ever, last Friday night. If it was one of the busiest days that we have ever had. We didn’t have any salmon or tuna, because the vendor did not show up that day. Customers were complaining right and left. That was only the tip of the iceberg. When the AC stopped working, customers were completely irate. Everyone was getting upset. The temperature in the dining room was hot and uncomfortable. People requested a refund of their money and several people walked out angry. There wasn’t anything that I could do to solve the problem on my own. I had to make a judgment call when I decided to contact the repair service. I didn’t know if the company was going to pay for the AC repairs, but I certainly couldn’t sit there and do nothing at all while we lost customer after customer because of terrible indoor air conditions. When my boss finally returned, he commended me for thinking fast and finally gave me the promotion.

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