No breeze and bad air quality

Living in the desert is very rough.

  • I have been here for years due to business and believe me, it is not something I am really enjoying.

If it wasn’t for the great money I was making I would high tail it out of here and run for the hills faster than you could blink your eyes! The climate is absolutely horrible. Especially from May through October. There is absolutely no breeze and it is one hundred and ten to one hundred and fifteen degrees almost every single day! This causes the central air conditioning system to have to run all of the time. And on top of running the central air conditioning system unit, the air quality is horrible. The worst in the country. No breeze makes this even more worse. The air quality is so bad, that not even a portable air purification system can fix it in your home. However, what did help me was getting a whole home air purification system. With the whole home air purification system it made it so that it can combat the bad air quality in my home. I run the central air conditioning system unit and through it pumps the whole home air purification system. It is a really strong indoor air cleaner. It doesn’t make things great, but it makes it so that I can at least breathe without my allergies acting up too bad. That is all thanks to the whole home air purification system within the central heating and air conditioning unit.

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Unexpected quick repair

Being a certified heating and air conditioning specialist of many years has its benefits.

Not only with the pay scale, but the fact that you pretty much can guess how long an HVAC repair job is going to take.

However, one day last week I had this central heating and air conditioning system to repair at this home in the suburbs that totally took me by surprise in a good way. When arriving and assessing the problem, I figured that this was going to be at least a 2 hour repair job. Well much to my surprise as I am working along trying to get this broken down central heating and air conditioning system back up and running, that the issue was a little simpler of a fix than I thought! To make a very long story short, I ended up repairing the central heating and air conditioning system within less than a half an hour. The customer was pretty shocked almost as much as I was. It was also nice for the customer to have a much cheaper heating and air conditioning repair bill than what was originally to be expected since it took such a short amount f time to get that broken down central heating and air conditioning system unit back up and running once again. It is not everyday in heating and cooling repair that things like this happen. So I am just happy that it happened this once. Because it made my work day a heck of a lot easier and I got paid no less!

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The movies back in the day

Going to the movies back when was an experience like no other.

Things were much different than they are today. For instance in the summer months the air conditioning in the movie theater was something really special! Air conditioning at that time was not a common thing in commercial buildings or homes. And the local movie theater we had was equipped with the best possible central air conditioning system around at the time. This actually generated more business for that movie theater in the summer time months of the year. Other theaters only had fans and it sometimes got quite hot in there. But this movie theater was the most indoor comfort anyone would find in the local area at the time. Sometimes, people would even go to see the worst movies just to take in the wonderful central air conditioning system that they had in that place. I was one of those people. You would not believe how many turkeys of films I watched just to be able to relax in great air conditioning. The summer months in my area growing up got quite humid, and when you were in quality air conditioning such as this, it made a real huge difference in how you felt. I truly miss these days in a way. Today, central air conditioning of quality is common in almost every single commercial building you walk into. Especially when it comes to movie theaters. There was just something special about these old days and the miracle of quality central air conditioning when I think back and remember how it all once was. Ahh the good old days. I miss them dearly!

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Costing too much lately

I have been noticing that running my central heating and air conditioning system as much as I have been this summer so far has been costing me way too much on my monthly electric bills.

However, I really have no choice as the weather has been real awful with temperatures reaching into the one hundred and tens.

I live in the southwestern part of the united states of america, so this goes with the territory. But there has to be a way around this. Some kind of energy saving tips or something. Well, after doing some online research on many websites across the board, I found the potential answer to this issue! A lot of people online were talking about getting portable air conditioning systems. These portable air conditioning systems do not make it so you can totally ditch your central heating and cooling system unit, but they make it so that you can run the portable air conditioning system at one half of the day, while in the other half of the day you’d run your central air conditioning system unit. This will help to lower electric bills because the portable air conditioning system does not even take half as much energy to run as the central heating and cooling system. So by running the portable air conditioning system half the day in place of the central air conditioning system, you can save some money on those really high electric bills we all get hit with in this region of the country this time of the year.

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HVAC tech wades through driveway

I watched the HVAC tech wade through my yard just to service my AC unit

Sometimes I am amazed at the professionalism of other people. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to jobs I do the bare minimum. I used to be an overachiever in every position until I realized that I was always taken advantage of. That’s when I stopped working so hard in my retail jobs and customer service position. However, sometimes you see somebody who legitimately cares about their career and the people that they service. For instance, my heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership apparently employs extremely dedicated indoor air temperature control specialists. If I was an indoor air quality control technician I would do the bare minimum when it came to air conditioning and furnace inspections. I would report to my job every day, make sure that people had working thermostats, and then go home to enjoy my own air conditioning. However, a few weeks ago when my air conditioning system broke down in the middle of a massive storm I saw how professional heating and cooling technicians really operate. There was a flash flood during the horrific storm as my air conditioning unit stopped working. The indoor air was getting very hot and humid to the point that I called the local HVAC repair shop. When the technician arrived at our house, however, our driveway was a raging river. I watched the HVAC tech wade through my yard just to service my AC unit. He was completely drenched by the time the cooling system was working again, but we were perfectly comfortable. That’s dedication.


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And we never saw the dust buster again

Sometimes I think it’s a massive mistake to ask for help around this house. I get extremely exhausted trying to take care of all of the chores and responsibilities on my own, but it turns out that other people can make things even more complicated. I have a difficult time keeping up with all of the housework around here, especially. It is difficult when you have 3 children and only two hands yourself. That’s why I attempted to ask my children for help with some of the basic household chores a few weeks ago. I should have known that the heating, cooling, and air quality control system was absolutely beyond their pay grade. When I told my son that I would appreciate it if he would dust and vacuum the air vents I honestly thought that he could handle the basic heating, cooling, and ventilation task. I wasn’t asking him to upgrade the air conditioning unit or perform intense maintenance on the central heating system. I simply wanted him to clean out a little dirt and dander from our central indoor air handling control devices. Instead of removing the air vents and carefully dusting as I had asked, my son thought that he would use our Roomba. He opened the air vent and stuck our Robot vacuum inside of the air duct. Well, you can imagine that we never got the roomba back out. Now we have dirty heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment just like before… But I don’t even have a way to vacuum. My heating, cooling, and ventilation system chore has turned into a heavier to-do list for me.

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I really want a snowmelt system

I hate getting into my car during the winter.

The snow and cold make it awful.

I know that I need to get up at least thirty minutes earlier in the winter. I have to shovel a path to my car and a path to get out of my driveway. I need to push all the snow off my car, chip away the ice and start the car heating system. You can’t just hop into a freezing car and drive away, it is not good for the engine. I then go back inside, shower and get ready. By the time I am ready to leave, the car heating system has done its job. I have looked into automatic starts but that doesn’t stop the snow problem. I found online that there are snowmelt systems you can buy. This takes a boiler system and connects piping to it. The pipes then get installed under a driveway. Hot water flows from the boiler and through the pipes to heat the driveway. You then have a heated driveway that melts the snow and warms anything touching it, like a car. The ice and snow should melt right off the windshield. I won’t need to start the car heater since the radiant heating would be below it. I could sleep another thirty minutes in the wintertime. The cost of a snowmelt system is pretty high though. I don’t even own a boiler system either sadly. I looked into boilers and they are expensive but last a long time. When my heater goes, I think I will replace it with a boiler. Then I can start shopping for a snow melt plan.


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I am not going to paint my own house

I am thinking about getting my house painted. I started out gung ho and said I would do all the painting. I began by painting my front door a pretty bright blue color. It looked amazing, went fast and was quite cheap. Then I tackled the window trim. The house is quite tall and sloped. The trim isn’t in good shape so the paint didn’t stick well. I had to buy more than one gallon of the paint since I wanted my porch the same color. That was sort of awful. Next I moved onto my backyard shed to test a color for my whole house. By the time I was done painting the shed, I vowed to never paint my house. A crew needs to do my home. They can tackle webs, bee nests, slopes, and difficult to reach places. I realized that the later I painted too, the hotter it got. It was around 85 degrees when I was painting window trim. I really want my house painted now and it gets into the 90s everyday. I really like the idea of hanging around the AC while some guy sweats his butt off. I make enough money to enjoy a little air conditioning, some lemonade and to hire a crew to do the job. I know they would do it better than me anyway. When I was doing the porch I hurried to finish. I have drips, spots that are sprayed and places I missed. Honestly I would run back inside to the cooling system and back outside multiple times. I was just too hot to do a good job. Hopefully the professionals will have more care than I did.

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Kitchen remodel needs ductless HVAC

I am redoing my kitchen and everything is going to be brand new. I am making a list of what the priorities are and then working my way down. The priorities like my countertops are going to be quartz and the exact color I want. Things like the lights and the switch plate covers don’t matter to me. I will cheap out on those. Another priority is good heating and cooling. I will be in the north so technically AC isn’t necessary. In the kitchen I always want to have cooling though. During the winter, a little heating is required to save the pipes. I found online a ductless heat pump should do the trick. I have been researching Carrier, Trane and Bryant brands of heat pumps. I like the look of a Carrier heat pump and I want a qualified HVAC company to install it. My husband thinks he can do the heat pump installation without a hitch. The last thing I want is to potentially damage my heat pump device that is brand new. I would rather have a licensed HVAC contractor mess around with it. There is an indoor and outdoor unit that has to connect together somehow. I also want a smart thermostat linked up with my phone. I am going to make the HVAC professional do all those unpleasant jobs. I have the money budgeted and would rather wait to buy a new fridge in order to have the HVAC right. Having quality heating and air conditioning will always be a priority. I am going to love having AC in the summer.


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It was a mess getting heating

I have sunk quite a bit of money into having a ductless heater in my kitchen.

For years I had lived with a cold kitchen.

I used to have a space heater sit right on the kitchen table because it was so cold. Then I added a ventless heater that sat on the floor. It looked awful and took up space. I found that a ductless mini split could provide heating for a single room and even AC if I wanted. I found a handyman that said he could get me the system and do the HVAC installation for a deal. I jumped at the opportunity. The guy installed a brand of HVAC I had never heard of before. He also installed the mini split not where I wanted it and it doesn’t work. Of course he waited until I wasn’t home, took the money and now won’t answer my calls. I need heating in my kitchen or the pipes will freeze and burst. Unfortunately I can’t get a hold of the guy to make it right. Now I am working with a real HVAC business and it looks like I have to start over. The guy told me the brand of HVAC installed on my wall is crap. He also said that the mini split should never be installed in the location it is in. Apparently the guy drilled the hole and did something wrong to the wiring too. I am going to have a mess in repairs is the moral of the story. The HVAC contractor and the new system is going to cost me around 5 grand.

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