On poker night, everyone brings snacks and I bring the AC

My friend and I get together on Saturday night to play poker. We have a $100 Texas hold’em tournament followed by a stud high or low cash game. Sometimes the game can be very fat. We have had the same tradition for the last five or six years. We used to play on Wednesday nights as well, but the game fell apart when a few people moved out of town. We still have the game every Saturday and a few of the players travel almost an hour to play in the game. On poker night, my friends bring the snacks and I bring the AC. We play in my friend’s garage. The guy turned his garage into a man cave. The place is perfect except for the fact that it does not have any heat or air conditioning. Things aren’t terrible during the winter months, but it is extremely difficult to remain comfortable during the summer months. When it is summer time, I always bring the portable AC unit with me. I can grab one from the business workshop and my boss never charges me to use it for a day or two. We have large industrial portable AC machines that run on water and electricity. They are very quiet compared to some of the other machines. Last weekend the Saturday night temperature was 91 degrees at 9 p.m. My friends and I were very thankful for the AC machine. Our poker game did not end until almost 2 in the morning. It was still in the upper 80s when the sun fully set.


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