Nuts about having a clean house

I have a bit of a cleaning thing.

I tend to go crazy with cleaning my house, especially when company is coming.

If my husband leaves the house, I take the opportunity to scrub. He also warns me to be careful since I tend to over bleach things and make myself sick. I love vacuuming and mopping the floors once a week. I will wash my wood ceiling and light fixtures every 10 days. The bathrooms frequently get a full scrub down. I would say I am vacuuming the house just about every single day. I have a cat and my lawn is basically all sand, you wouldn’t know it though. I keep a very tidy house. I also get my HVAC cleaned once a year. My HVAC technician changes out the air filter, oils the motor belt, lubricates moving parts and just gives everything a good scrub. They say every seven years you should do your ductwork. For me I try to do it yearly but my HVAC technician sometimes won’t do it. He told me that I was just wasting my money. I really don’t want any hair or dirt in my ductwork. So I typically get my way after 2-3 years of waiting. I like knowing that everything from my floor to ducts are clean and tidy. I don’t want to get sick or have a bad smelling house. It is easy to clean and keep everything fresh. I also am looking at indoor air quality products like an air purifier to give me that extra cleaning boost too.



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