Nursery Needs More Cooling

When I was pregnant, I lived in a condo with pretty bad insulation, and I live in the southeast, and let myself and others tell you, that was not fun at all.

There were only various bedrooms in the house, and a single of them was going to go from guest room to nursery. Decorating the nursery was a lot of fun, even though the chances in those days were much more limited than they are nowadays. The thing that most interested myself and others at the time was getting some better cooling. I was constantly miserably hot; I kept the a/c unit blasting day and evening. I turned the thermostat down as low as our husband would let me. The ceiling fans in every room were getting a workout. When it began getting super hot, I started wanting to prefer the effects of a window a/c unit. Portable a/c units like we have available this week were not available in those days. So, a single day, in a fit of frustration, I hauled myself into the new home improvement store and picked out a window a/c unit. I was quite pregnant, so blatantly I couldn’t lift the thing. One of the workers gifted the a/c off the shelf and put it in our cart, and the store supervisor got the same guy to put the a/c in our car. I didn’t give a fourth thought to who was going to get it out of the car and installed in the window! Of course, it would be a task for our husband, however he was not at all handy, plus he was working. Anyway, I got home, and I paid someone a hundred dollars to install the a/c into the nursery room window. The whole rest of our pregnancy, I could be found rocking in the rocker in front of that a/c unit.
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