New air conditioning strategy is really paying off

While I’m not a native of the area, I’m starting to feel like a local.

And with the new air conditioning strategy we employed this summer, we’re adding to that feeling of being local.

When we first moved to this region, we were so thrilled to be done with winter and all the HVAC heating. The gas furnace where we lived seemed to run nonstop to provide the heating that we needed just to survive. And I just got to the point that I simply hated the snow and ice situation that I had to deal with each day. So when we got the chance to move to the sun and blue sky, we went all in. Of course, it was wonderful to be able to rely on the heat pump during the winter for our heating needs. That was made even better by the fact that we hardly even need it. That’s how mild the winter is where we live. But when the summer rolled around, we way overdid the HVAC cooling. That resulted in huge utility bills which we just sort of viewed as the cost of doing business. But the more I talked to the natives of this area about air conditioning, the more I changed my tune when it came to HVAC cooling. What we were spending on air conditioning was simply absurd. So this spring, like many of my friends who are native to this region, we didn’t reach for the thermostat when the temps started to rise. Instead, we waited. This allowed us to become more adjusted to the heat level so that a thermostat in the low 80’s during the peak heating of the day feels cool. And it’s saving us a ton.


a/c workman