My sibling wanted to live on his own for a change

My sibling who is blind lived with me for a long time.

  • I always helped him out with everything & I would always get him whatever he needed… Eventually, I was shocked when he told me he wanted to get a place of his own! He said he would adore to get a seeing eye dog to help him get around & get the things that he needed, but so I helped him to get a seeing eye dog & a nice apartment.

He honestly prefers his dog & they have hit it off so well, but the dog is well trained & knows the commands adore fetching something my sibling needs. The dog helps him when he is grocery shopping & everything, however my sibling also has a window air conditioner unit with a remote control that the dog will fetch for him when he wants to crank on the air conditioner. Since his condo has central air conditioner though, I decided to buy my sibling a smart thermostat that has voice commands, however with the voice commands, he doesn’t even have to worry about increasing the thermostat with a remote, he can honestly just say what the temperature control needs to be, & the smart thermostat will make it happen. The seeing eye dog still helps him a good deal though & they savor going for walks together. I also observed that the seeing eye dog prefers the air conditioner almost as much as my sibling. I always see the dog resting by the Heating & Air Conditioning vents in the apartment. Seeing my sibling with his dog legitimately makes me want to get a dog too.
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