My roommate uses the AC more than I do

The price of rent is getting out of hand.

For years I lived on my own, but eventually it just became too expensive to afford.

Unless you are rich, it’s very hard to afford your own place. So I got a roommate, an old friend named Red, to share the rent on a nice two bedroom house in the suburbs. Red works from home, and I still go into the office for work. Red is really great about doing the yard work, which is good because I would probably hire a local kid to do it for me. One thing I hate about this situation is the HVAC staying in use so much. When I lived alone I would always crank the thermostat up to 80 or so before I left for work, and then turn it back down when I returned home. Having eight hours a day where the AC isn’t running makes a huge difference in your monthly utility bill, let me tell you! Now that Red is there, the AC stays on that extra eight hours, and as you might expect, my utility bill has skyrocketed. I felt it was fair to ask him to pay ⅔ of the energy bill, since it was mostly going towards air conditioning that only he was using. Red didn’t like that, and said it should be a fifty fifty split, right down the middle, regardless if he used the AC a “little” more than I did. This is still an ongoing debate, and I wish I could just kick him out but I can’t afford to.


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