My parents opted to get a mini-split AC

My parents were bonkers when they saw it fit to purchase this run-down family cabin out in the middle of nowhere.

  • It was so isolated and had this ancient heating system that had lots of problems with heating the space.

The fireplace worked, however the whole cabin was run down and my parents had to put in extra hours to clean this space and make it livable. The two of them had a Heating & Air Conditioning worker come out to check the heating system to ensure it was operational and also cleaned out the chimney for the fireplace so that we could use it safely. After the inspection, the worker told my parents the heating system had some severe problems and it was better to install a modern one. My parents asked what they should go for, and the HVAC worker presented the options. Instead of going for a replacement heating system which would have to be refilled all the time, my parents chose a modern ductless mini Heating & Air Conditioning system. The Heating & Air Conditioning worker explained how energy efficient this system is, plus how it would work perfectly with some solar panels hooked up. He said my parents could even hook up the solar panels to work flawlessly with the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. My parents agreed to do so and after all the hard work, the cabin was actually enjoyable and cozy. The cabin lacked internet, however it had electricity from the solar panel for lighting and entertainment purposes.



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