My boyfriend looked like an idiot in front of the woman

Sometimes my boyfriend says really stupid things.

He doesn’t often realize that the things that he says sound sexist.

Just last week we had to call the apartment building supervisor because of an issue with our AC system. The apartment maintenance technician came to look at the HVAC system and he told us that we needed a brand new system installed. He had to call a repair service to complete the installation. He’s scheduled to service for the following day and he gave us the name of the company that would be handling the work. The business manager from that particular HVAC company called us later that afternoon to set up an appointment time for the installation. She told us that Chris would be there around 9 a.m. to start the job. When a woman showed up, my boyfriend was surprised. I guess he expected a man since the name was Chris. My boyfriend asked the woman if she was sure that she could handle the installation on her own. She rolled her eyes and then my boyfriend made a stupid comment about women in the workplace and gender roles. I thought she was going to walk out and leave us without an air conditioner, but she finished the job without making any comments about my stupid boyfriend. I apologize for his behavior when she left, but she wasn’t very interested in hearing anything about him. She did, however, ask me for my phone number. I think she might have been asking me out on a date, but I’m not entirely sure.

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