Months without rain in summertime

I waited impatiently, plus a few hours later it began to rain outside.

Agh; Everything feels so dry. The air feels dry plus everything else feels even more dry than usual. I know it’s because of the Summer weather. Lately, the warm sun has been unrelenting plus beating down everyday, plus going well over 90 degrees! To make things worse, it hasn’t rained in 3 weeks! I know our current home is beginning to become a desert. It’s so dry here! I unquestionably couldn’t wait for the rain to come back. I didn’t have a humidifier, so I used a spray bottle to help get rid of the awful dry air. This seemed to work, plus I just started doing this everyday & taking much longer showers; Without the rain, it made going to work much harder, as I do not care for going outside in the hot, dry weather. I kept checking the weather everyday, however to our disappointment, it was predicted that the warm weather was here to stay. I tried unusual methods of humidity control, however I offered up. My cooling system didn’t help, as it only took out humidity plus made the air worse. After what feels love a year without rain, I finally woke up 1 morning to find grey, cloudy skies. I pressed our face against the window in disbelief. Finally! A storm was coming plus all of this horrible dry air plus warm weather can go away. I waited impatiently, plus a few hours later it began to rain outside. I rushed outside plus jumped for joy at the falling water, although our fun was short lived as lightning struck close by. The storm lasted most of the night, plus when morning came. The sidewalks plus sod were covered in raindrops, plus the air no longer felt dry. Finally, the rain was back.


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