Missed out on heated flooring

I desperately wanted to add heated flooring to my home.

I made the mistake of redoing my floors but not doing further research.

I just ripped up the old carpet, laid down a cement board and put a tile overtop. When you rip up your floors, that is the only time to install the heating system. It is a very messy, invasive project. I literally had the perfect set up and didn’t do it! I also redid the floors everywhere except for my two bathrooms. Now that everything is all installed, of course my heating system decided to no longer work. I need a new heater and when I looked into heated flooring, I was bummed. I loved hearing about no heated air rising, it being a silent system and a cleaner device since it doesn’t stir up dust. However, I totally missed my window. I ended up just getting a gas fireplace installed instead. The fireplace is nice, but just not that powerful. It can provide heating for my living room and kitchen no problem. The bedrooms are upstairs and I had to get a separate electric heater for there. It ended up being very expensive and now I have two heating systems. I could have just done the electric heated mats and called it a day. Now I am thinking that when the time comes for a bathroom remodel, I will add heated flooring in those rooms. Having heated flooring in the bathroom isn’t necessary, but it will make me feel better to have some heat under my feet.


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